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Another Report on Bari

“We were also disappointed by Professor Bruno Barberis’ statement that he didn’t
know  when the Holy See would grant permission for new tests on the Shroud and
nothing was revealed relative to tests done in the 2002 Shroud restoration.”

On September 10th, I posted A Report on the Bari Conference written by Maria da Glóra Moreira of the Centro Português de Sindonologia. A similar report, Report on the Shroud Workshop in Bari, Italy appears on which amplifies concerns about future testing as noted in the quotation shown above.

Bruno Barberis will be presenting in St. Louis. One of his topics is The Future of Research on the Shroud. Will we hear similar statements?

But the abstract for Professor Barberis’ paper sounds exciting and upbeat.

Nonetheless, Report on the Shroud Workshop in Bari, Italy demands your attention, also, for what else is discussed.

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