New Discussion Facility on the St. Louis Conference Site

This is simply a great idea for this, and probably other, conferences.

There is a new discussion facility on the St. Louis Shroud Conference site.  CLICK HERE and bookmark this link. To sign in, press the ‘Subscribe to Forum’ button, enter your email address (the one you used to sign up for the conference), and enter the word ‘conference’ as the password. There is a new user section as well under the ‘Subscribe to Forum’ button.



As yesterday’s latest update indicates:

    This discussion forum has been initiated to generate discussion about significant aspects of the study of the Shroud. This forum is not just for those who attend the conference but is open to the public. The discussions will include questions from the attendees to the conference speakers. Naturally, we cannot guarantee that all speakers will agree to provide answers, but we hope that many will participate. The forum will also include discussions between participants regarding any topic of interest related to the Shroud. Anyone can read the various replies that are made on a topic, but one has to register to make comments.

    Read the FAQ to learn how to participate!

5 thoughts on “New Discussion Facility on the St. Louis Conference Site”

  1. Did Occam say anything about the multiplication of Forums? I hope we don’t split into lots of little subgroups, many of which will overlap and have us clicking from forum to forum in the hope of tracking down elusive new ideas. At the moment I find nearly everything on this one, with occasional peeks at Colin and Stephen Jones, just to see what they’re up to; I hope nothing too earth-shattering diverts us all from shroudstory to stlouisshroudconference.

  2. I thought the discussion board on the STLSC site was supposed to be a special forum for discussing papers presented at the conference, not a boil the ocean BB style message board. Yuk! Will I need to sign in just to read it?

  3. This is now being changed to field questions and comments only related to the conference papers as several have requested. Any postings on other topics that have been added during the transition period will be removed when the transition is completed.

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