Tinfoil Hat Version of Face Matching

“As announced by Benedict XVI . . . censored and suppressed
by the media as well as within the Vatican.”

imageThe document is lengthy. You can see the whole  document at the Scribd document depository. The title page alleges that it is an apostolic letter in regards to Brian Leonard Golightly Marshall’s claim to be the Christ. The last page contains a presumably-faked “signature” of Benedict XVI.

Here is enough of a snippet to get the whole idea:

Dear Friends in Christ.

Over the past few days of this Month of March. I have learned about a man who is named Brian Golightly Marshall. He claims to be The Lord Jesus Christ, the Son of Man, reincarnated in Sydney, Australia on the most holy day of January 11th, 1944. It is the Faith that we are experiencing before our eyes! He is the word reincarnated …

Many doubt that Mr. Brian Marshall is He, but ¡ tell you he is. As his many disciples put it: “He is the most royal man alive”. He has fulfilled the prophecies within the Last Book of the Bible: Revelation. If you look at Mr. Brian Marshall’s face and compare it to that of the Most Holy Shroud of Turin, you will see something spectacular. And from the bottom of my heart, I tell you all, ever since I have realized the Truth about Christ Jesus’ Return to Earth, I was stunned, and the news has changed the remainder of my life and pilgrimage completely and beautifully. (emphasis mine)

Apparently (or so I imagine), since Pope Francis has not bought into Marshall’s claims, Marshall was compelled to release a face matching YouTube. Kelly, a reader of this blog from Memphis, inspired (or so I imagine) by all the face matching going on in recent days (Speaking of Matching Faces and An Experiment with Overlay), brought the following face matching video to my attention. Enjoy. But first read the “About” for the video, shown here, and then do yourself a favor by skipping the first minute of the video:

imageModern computer software layers flesh over the ghost image of the soul of Jesus, to reveal Yahweh today Brian Leonard Golightly Marshall as identified by Pope Benedict XVI on March 12th 2013. Francis is the Antichrist who rejected the news told to him by Benedict on March 23rd 2013 at Castel Gandolfo. April 3rd Father Giuseppe Civello, Sister Maria Della Rosa and Giovanni Rossinni were kidnapped by men hired by Francis and organized by Georg Ganswein to shut the mouth’s of the 3 witnesses to the second coming that unfolded within Pope Benedict’s Office. Father Giuseppe was shot 8 times in Cassibile Sicily on April 13th 2013, Sister Maria got out of Malta where she had been taken to and wrote the Christ a letter on October 25th 2013 the link below and Msgr. Giovanni Rossini who uploaded the Apostolic Letter Benedict wrote from Toronto since Giuseppe was stopped from Rome, he is presumed dead.

William of Ockham probably thought of this too.

The less effort it takes to process a factual claim, the more accurate it seems.

imageKaty Waldman in Slate writes about The Science of Truthiness. It is a political piece; you don’t need to read the second half of the article. The subtitle of the article is Conservative beliefs make a lot more sense when you’re not paying attention. Just change the word conservative to shroud and for us it makes perfect sense.

Truthiness is “truth that comes from the gut, not books,” Colbert said in 2005. . . . Scientists who study the phenomenon now also use the term. It humorously captures how, as cognitive psychologist Eryn Newman put it, “smart, sophisticated people” can go awry on questions of fact.

Newman, who works out of the University of California–Irvine, recently uncovered an unsettling precondition for truthiness: The less effort it takes to process a factual claim, the more accurate it seems. When we fluidly and frictionlessly absorb a piece of information, one that perhaps snaps neatly onto our existing belief structures, we are filled with a sense of comfort, familiarity, and trust. The information strikes us as credible, and we are more likely to affirm it—whether or not we should.

William of Ockham probably thought of this too. I do read other things that have nothing to do with the shroud. So this is off topic but it seemed to fit anyway.

Picture note: That is a picture of William of Ockham, not Katy Waldman.

The Length and Width of It

imageStephen Jones has put together an interesting piece on the measurements of the shroud. This is a useful topic for the encyclopedia he is creating (see Shroud of Turin: Turin Shroud Encyclopedia).

Stephen seems to have decided on one set of measurements:

Now the dimensions have been authoritatively determined by Dr. Flury-Lemberg as 437 cm long by 111 cm wide." [Wilson, I., 2000a, "`The Turin Shroud – past, present and future’, Turin, 2-5 March, 2000 – probably the best-ever Shroud Symposium,"British Society for the Turin Shroud Newsletter, No. 51, June.]

Authoritatively? I would have liked to have seen some discussion about other measurements. See , for instance, Length Measurements on the Shroud of Turin by Mario Latendresse. There are some significant differences:

Measurements taken by Bruno Barberis and Gian Maria Zaccone give (frontal image at the bottom left, dorsal image at the top) 441.5 cm for the right height, and 442.5 cm for the left height. The bottom width is 113.0 cm and the top width is 113.7 cm.

If Stephen doesn’t address these differences he is likely to be challenged. He needs to address the differences in the  length for the left and right sides (see the top edge in the partial image above) if he is going to quote Ian Wilson speaking of “conformity to an exact 8 by 2 Jewish cubits” in his 1991 book, "Holy Faces, Secret Places: The Quest for Jesus’ True Likeness.”


For an encyclopedia entry there is too much topic drift and too much opining in the following:

Medieval forger? It is highly unlikely that a medieval forger would even know about the Assyrian standard cubit , and even if he did, it is even more unlikely that he would bother obtaining a first century fine linen shroud, especially given that fine linen then ranked with gold in value. And that is assuming that he could obtain one, especially one with the Shroud’s three-to-one herringbone twill linen, of which the Shroud is the only one remaining in existence!

[ . . . ]

Proof the Shroud is authentic. So even the dimensions of the Shroud of Turin are among the many proofs beyond reasonable doubt that the Shroud of Turin is authentic . . . .

It may be that or maybe, just maybe, a not so startling coincidence of something that is approximately so!

Note: All quotations and the picture snippet in this posting are considered Fair Use under the provision of Title 17 of the United States Code, Limitations on exclusive rights: Fair use and the Berne Convention Treaty along with the WIPO Treaty of 1996. (Fair Use is known as Fair Dealing in the jurisdictions of the Commonwealth of Nations). Copyright is a legal right with limits. The practice of quoting multiple paragraphs of text, for the purpose of criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, or research, is not an infringement of copyright. Stephen’s footnote #1 to his posting only underscores the need for Fair Use provisions in the law.

An Old Christian Papyrus

Jeanna Bryner, the Managing Editor of LiveScience is reporting that the ‘Last Supper’ Papyrus May Be One of Oldest Christian Charms:

 Inline image. Click to enlarge

A 1,500-year-old fragment of Greek papyrus with writing that refers to the biblical Last Supper and "manna from heaven" may be one of the oldest Christian amulets, say researchers.

The fragment was likely folded up and worn inside a locket or pendant as a sort of protective charm, according to Roberta Mazza, who spotted the papyrus while looking through thousands of papyri kept in the library vault at the John Rylands Research Institute at the University of Manchester in the United Kingdom.

"This is an important and unexpected discovery as it’s one of the first recorded documents to use magic in the Christian context and the first charm ever found to refer to the Eucharist — the Last Supper — as the manna of the Old Testament," Mazza said in a statement. The fragment likely originated in a town in Egypt. [Proof of Jesus Christ?

The translated text from the article reads:

Fear you all who rule over the earth.

Know you nations and peoples that Christ is our God.

For he spoke and they came to being, he commanded and they were created; he put everything under our feet and delivered us from the wish of our enemies.

Our God prepared a sacred table in the desert for the people and gave manna of the new covenant to eat, the Lord’s immortal body and the blood of Christ poured for us in remission of sins.

Unrelatedly, the editor threw in a link to past LiveScience stories: Proof of Jesus Christ? 7 Pieces of Evidence Debated. The first one is Biblical Blankets. Guess what?

The Veil of Manoppello to Visit the Philippines This Month

clip_image001The Filipino media group, Inquirer, is reporting: 

MANILA, Philippines – Filipino Catholics will have a chance to venerate a piece of cloth bearing what the faithful believe is an original imprint of the face of Jesus Christ.

Known as the “The Holy Face of Jesus from Manoppello,” the veil will be in the Philippines on September 10 to 17 directly from a tour of the US West Coast and Las Vegas, according to a post on the website of the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines.

Also called “The Veil of Manoppello,” it has been housed for 500 years in the Capuchin Friary in Abruzzo, Pescara, near Rome.

The veil has drawn pilgrims to the obscure hilltop village following the visits of then Pope Benedict XVI to the shrine early in his pontificate.

“These papal visits have since called attention to the veil’s significance in the history of Christ’s life on earth,” according to the CBCP post.

It added that Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI was reported to have been drawn to Manoppello after receiving the first printed copy of The Face of God, a book by German author Paul Badde, which covers 10 years of intensive studies on the veil by professors, scientists, iconographic experts, and authorities of the Catholic Church.

[ . . . ]

The CBCP post said that while its origins were largely anecdotal, years of scientific study and historical research now report the veil as having the following attributes:

* The faces on the more famous Shroud of Turin and that on the Manoppello Veil coincide perfectly;

* Both images are “acheiropoietas,” meaning they could not have been made by human hands;

* The veil—measuring a mere 7 x 10 inches—is dated between the time of the Christ’s Crucifixion and the Resurrection.

* The Shroud of Turin shows the image of a man with closed eyes and fresh wounds, while that on the Manoppello veil features a face with open eyes and closed wounds.

For a list of times and places see the full news account.

Click to enlarge picture.

Shroud Encounter to be in Fayetteville, Georgia, September 13

imageRuss Breault emailed me and reported on the Shroud Encounter Facebook page:

SHROUD ENCOUNTER is coming to FAYETTEVILLE, GA on Saturday, September 13 at 7:00 PM in the Studio Production Center in the "Studio Cafe" which is the former cafeteria. On the stage and on the big screen come and experience Shroud Encounter! The event is free.

The production center was formerly an elementary school. It is on the corner of Sandy Springs Rd and Veterans Pkwy in Fayetteville–South side of Atlanta. For GPS, the address is 461 Sandy Springs Rd.

The Man Who Liked to Dip Pickle Spears in His Beers

What Di Lazzaro really accomplished

imageI typed the above headline on my iPad for a posting I was going to write and showed it to him. He was going to give me his views on how the image was made on the shroud.

“You can’t say that,” he said. “Sure enough, I did just dip a pickle spear in my beer. But you don’t know if I have ever done it before and if I ever will again, so you can’t say beers, plural. And you don’t know if I like to do it. You are assuming far too much.”

“Your point, being?”

He replied. “You’re assuming too much when you assume that the image on the shroud was created by chemistry you can understand. What Di Lazzaro really accomplished by using a uv excimer laser was to discard that assumption. There was no such source of light in the first century or the fourteenth century.”

He stopped to think, then continued: “Is Di Lazzaro saying that the image must have been created by a miracle or is he saying that we must look beyond our current understanding of nature? I’d like to think it was the latter.”

I did a quick search on my iPad. “Di Lazzaro wrote,” I said;

When one talks about a flash of light being able to colour a piece of linen in the same way as the shroud, discussion inevitably touches on things such as miracles and resurrection. But as scientists, we were concerned only with verifiable scientific processes.

We hope our results can open up a philosophical and theological debate but we will leave the conclusions to the experts, and ultimately to the conscience of individuals.

— from a story by Nick Squires of The Daily Telegraph

The man who dips pickles in beer went on: “If in 1898, someone had suggested that the image was caused by radiation, most people would have scratched their heads and asked what you were talking about. That was the year Secondo Pia took his famous picture and the year that Marie Curie first coined the term ‘radioactivity.’ I think it is something new, something amazing that we haven’t discovered yet that created the image.”

“You’ve had too many pickles,” I said.

BTW: Di Lazzaro also wrote:

Our results are more evidence that it is not easy to replicate the body image and skeptics will have to believe in a miracle to sustain it was done by a forger in the middle ages!

— from The Shroud in the News for Christmas 2011, An Editorial
Response by Barrie Schwortz
, from which the above quote is taken.
I still stand by what I said that Barrie took such a strong exception to.

Updates for the St. Louis Conference

Some details from the update page for the conference:

imagePrivate Accommodations Available!

Posted . . .  September 02, 2014

A 4 Bedroom, 2 Bath Modern Family Home with In-Ground Heated Pool, accommodating up to 10 people is available for rent for $250/day during the conference.  See photos and details

August Newsletter

Posted . . .  August 28, 2014

The conference is now only about 1 1/2 months away. There is now another option for transportation to and from the airport. I received the following information from GO BEST Express Airport Shuttle, which only recently started servicing the hotel where the conference is being held:

GO BEST Express Airport Shuttle

How to make reservations:
Special rates have been negotiated on your behalf. Walk-ups will not be eligible for convention rate, standard rates will apply. Please go to our website www.gobestexpress.com and begin your reservation to reserve a seat. The rate of $22 one way or $39 round trip per person is offered. Book online now and receive a 10% discount. Credit cards are required and charged at the time of reservation.

There will be Mass for Catholic attendees on Sunday morning October 12th at 7 a.m. in the main ballroom . The celebrant will be Fr. Ralph Wright, O.S.B. from nearby St. Louis Abbey.

There are still rooms available at the Drury but the number is dwindling. Make sure you book a room soon. Registration for the conference itself can be done right up to the time of the conference. (You must register for the conference and book the hotel room separately.)

Keep checking the conference site for additional updates up until the time of the conference on October 9th.

The Trimurti of the Italian scientific-experimental studies on the Shroud

Expecting some news accounts out of Bari?

imageHere is a rough Google translation from the Amici della Sindone (Friends of the Shroud) Facebook page. They are starting to arrive in Bari:

Originally they were 3, then 4 … there will be several others (and others), but they were scattered here and there … so here’s to you, for now, the Trimurti [great trinity, threesome, triad] of the Italian scientific-experimental studies on the Shroud of Turin, [and] the more gregarious one from Spain

Speaking of Matching Faces

We have been comparing many faces lately.

Of course, if this face comparison is proof that Leonard da Vinci’s face is on the shroud than other comparison, similarly done, prove that the proof is not proof. Or is it that this comparison is flawed?  In what ways?


imageimageAnd, how come no one is talking about the 6th century Christ Pantocrator at St. Catherine’s Monastery in the Sinai?

You might think St. Louis was all about Gary Habermas

and newer testing in Italy and teeth showing through

imageBy the time the folk over at the Christian Post toyed with the press release the story took on a completely different character.

"[The teeth] are on the inside, but on the photo
they are showing outside. Whichever  way
[the radiation] is coming, it dragged the image
from the inside to the outside."

The first paragraph is okay:

The keynote speakers include Bruno Barberis, director of the International Center of Sindonology in Turin, as well as the Most Rev. Michael John Sheridan, bishop of the Diocese of Colorado Springs. The conference is set to open with renowned shroud lecturer Russ Breault.

[ . . . ]

Initial tests conducted in 1988 in Arizona, Oxford and Zurich supported the theory that the shroud is a forgery created in the Middle Ages, somewhere between 1260 and 1390, but later tests in 2011 by Italy’s National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Development came to the conclusion that the relic could not have possibly been replicated by the technology available at that time.

Gary Habermas, distinguished research professor and chair of the Department of Philosophy and Theology at Liberty University, led a presentation in 2013 at the Southern Evangelical Seminary’s 20th annual Christian Apologetics Conference and discussed enhanced images of the shroud which showed that the person’s teeth were showing through the skin.

"His skin is intact, his beard is intact, but you are able to see what’s inside coming out, just like if you are able to see what’s on the back of a hand," Habermas said during the presentation, while showing a photo of an exposed human skull juxtapositioned next to the head of the man in the shroud, with the teeth from the two images aligned.

"This is one of the best indications that the man in the Shroud, who was dead and was crucified, [has] radiation coming out," he said of the teeth discovery. "And if that’s what this is, you’ve got something from the inside [coming out].

"[The teeth] are on the inside, but on the photo they are showing outside. Whichever way [the radiation] is coming, it dragged the image from the inside to the outside."

New Permanent Shroud of Turin Exhibit


Not so new after all. It popped up in Yahoo News yesterday.
The story goes back to 2010. Those things happen. If my memory was
better I might have remembered  Legionaries of Christ withdraw from Sacramento Parish Leaving Permanent Shroud of Turin Exhibit in 2012.

News 10 in Sacramento, California, an ABC affiliate television station, is reporting about a new permanent exhibit of the shroud in the city. (The included slideshow is very comprehensive):

SACRAMENTO, CA — It is perhaps the most famous and most controversial religious relic of all time.  The Shroud of Turin is thought by believers to be the burial cloth of Jesus in which he was placed after being taken down from the cross.

A replica of the shroud and an examination of its mysteries is now on permanent display at Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish in Sacramento.

SLIDESHOW:Who is the man in the shroud?

“For those who believe, the shroud is probably the most beautiful relic,” said Father Lino Otero.  “In the face of the man in the shroud, we have the face of Christ himself  . . .  and for those of us who believe, Christ is the incarnation of God’s love for us.”

The image on the cloth is both the back and front of a crucified man, about 5 feet 11 inches tall.  But how it got on the cloth is just one of its mysteries.

And as this aired, word was received that the New Mexico museum (SEAM) is planning to open on November 1. That is All Saints Day, which seems appropriate given all the work being done by Andy, Pete and others in “the land of enchantment.”

An Experiment with Overlay

O.K. is going to discuss the following images through comments. Join him. I’ll be interested to see where this goes. (Click on any picture to see it in larger form. 



Fresco + Vignon Marks

Fresco Vignon Marks

Fresco Marked Up




Durante Marked Up


Durante Overlay with Fresco


Conspiracy Theory Part Nine

imageMaybe there will be some evidence in installment number 10. I think the strongest case being made in installment 9 is that the Soviets would certainly have accepted an offer from Timothy Linick of the Arizona labs to fake the date of the carbon dating of the shroud to a time about 25 years years before it is known to have existed in Lirey around 1350. We know this because:

Since most of what they [the Soviet Union] were interested in, especially technology for advanced computing, was on a list of highly restricted technologies maintained by a consortium of Western nations known as COCOM, the Soviets had long since resorted to extralegal means of procuring hardware and software. The FBI liked to maintain that Northern California’s Silicon Valley, where much of American computer innovation resided, was crawling with KGB agents. The FBI claimed that one of the primary missions of the Soviet consulate in San Francisco was to funnel U.S. technology into the Soviet Union.

… as reported in Katie Hafner’s and John Markoff’s book Cyberpunk: Outlaws and Hackers on the Computer Frontier.

St. Louis Conference Press Release

The following press release appears today in Christian Newswire

Experts on the Shroud of Turin Gathering in St. Louis

Contact: Joe Marino, Conference Chairman, 614-477-1480; Mark Antonacci, Resurrection of the Shroud Foundation, 636-938-3708

imageST. LOUIS, Sept. 2, 2014 /Christian Newswire/ –International experts on the controversial Shroud of Turin will gather in St. Louis in October to present and discuss the latest discoveries on the burial cloth purported to be the burial shroud of Jesus Christ. The International Conference, called Shroud of Turin: The Controversial Intersection of Faith and Science, will be held October 9-12 at the Drury Plaza Hotel in Chesterfield. This will be the first Shroud Conference held in the United States since 2008.

More than 30 Shroud experts from around the world will be presenting information on the latest discoveries about the Shroud. The experts, or sindonologists, represent such diverse fields as archeology, physics, iconography and theology. Conference chair and sindonologist Joe Marino says, "I’m particularly excited that we have many new presenters since the last USA Conference in 2008."

One of the keynote speakers is Bruno Barberis, Director of the International Center of Sindonology in Turin. Another keynote speaker is St. Louis native The Most Reverend Michael John Sheridan, Bishop of the Diocese of Colorado Springs. Renowned Shroud lecturer, Russ Breault, will begin the conference on Thursday evening. Barrie Schwortz, Official Documenting Photographer for the Shroud of Turin Research Project (STURP) is currently slated to give two presentations.

Other special presenters include historian and attorney Jack Markwardt, biologist and teacher Kelly Kearse, and artist Veronica Piraccini. A complete list of speakers, and the tentative program can be found at the conference website www.stlouisshroudconference.com.

The conference, sponsored by The Resurrection of the Shroud Foundation and the Salt River Production Group, will begin on Thursday evening, October 9 and conclude at noon on Sunday, October 12. The conference is open to anyone with an interest in the Shroud.

1st Place Book Award for Follow the Light, The Shroud’s Revelations

Please note that this is a press release for an award. It is not a book release
announcement. The book was announced in this blog in early 2013. The book is
available at Amazon in hardcover, paperback and Kindle.


The Shroud of Turin; new study links the Shroud to the Resurrection of Jesus.

Follow the Light, The Shroud’s Revelations

Published by Outskirts Press

Outskirts Press announces the latest highly anticipated religion and science book
from, Lake City, FL,
Author T. C. Newman.

Follow the light, The Shroud’s Revelations; Is now a 2014 1st Place Winner
Of the EVVY Book Awards, held in Denver, Aug.23.2014

The Shroud of Turin is one of the most misunderstood artifacts known to humanity however it is also one of the most rigorously investigated. This book deciphers the three-dimensional information encoded within the image of the Shroud of Turin, which has baffled scientist, chemist, and theorist who despite all their examinations, debates, and journalistic data, cannot explain the mechanics of the image, or what caused the image to appear. Many mysteries concerning the Shroud’s image are now identified. The follow-the-light-method also provides the most accurate portrayal of the man who rested underneath the Shroud. This journey combines over thirty-years of determination through experimentation. The author discovers the Shroud’s image is a blueprint that produces its own three-dimensional sculpture with astonishing new details never before realized. This documentation permits the reader to experience the events that explain the enigmas of the image-producing process, within an easy to follow storyline that powerfully exposes the hidden truth behind the creation of the Shroud’s image. The artistic-process is explained, so that an artist may duplicate the follow-the-light-method and verify all of the evidence that this book contains. The conclusion remains thought provoking and relinquishes all of this evidence to the hands of the reader to determine if the Shroud of Turin, is in fact the image of the true historic Jesus caused by the resurrection event.

imageFirst published February 11, 2013. Denver, CO, and Lake City, FL Outskirts Press, Inc. has published Follow the Light, The Shroud’s Revelations by T. C. Newman.  The author’s most recent book to date is a 6 x 9 paperback in the religion and science category and is available worldwide on book retailer websites such as Amazon and Barnes & Noble. E-Book available at Amazon.com. Follow the Light, The Shroud’s Revelations is also available in a 6 x 9 case bound edition.  The webpage at www.outskirtspress.com/followthelight was launched simultaneously with the book’s publication.

115 pages in length, Follow the Light, The Shroud’s Revelations is being promoted to appropriate markets with a focus on the religion and science category.  With U.S. wholesale distribution through Ingram and Baker & Taylor, and pervasive online availability through Amazon, Follow the Light, The Shroud’s Revelations meets consumer demand through both retail and library markets with a suggested retail price of $14.95 and $24.95 for the paperback and case bound editions, respectively.

Additionally, Follow the Light, The Shroud’s Revelations, can be ordered by retailers or wholesalers for the maximum trade discount price set by the author in quantities of ten or more from the Outskirts Press Direct bookstore at www.outskirtspress.com/bookstore.

ISBN: 9781432797263

Format: 6 x 9 paperback white

SRP: $14.95

ISBN: 9781432797270

Format: 6 x 9 case bound

SRP: $24.95

For more information or to contact the author, visit www.outskirtspress.com/followthelight.

Or contact the author at, followtheshroudslight@gmail.com

About the author:

As a self-taught artist, T. C. Newman splits her passions between art and family.  Her mother was an artist and her father a physicist, so she developed a strong knowledge of art as well as all things mysterious.

About Outskirts Press, Inc.

Outskirts Press, Inc. offers full-service, custom self-publishing and book marketing services for authors seeking a cost-effective, fast, and flexible way to publish and distribute their books worldwide while retaining all their rights and full creative control. Available for authors globally at www.outskirtspress.com and located on the outskirts of Denver, Colorado, Outskirts Press represents the future of book publishing, today.

# # #

History in the Unmaking: The Shroud of Joseph of Arimathea

imageFrom an online tourist brochure for Cyprus, an entry for the the Akhiropiitos Monastery, in Alsancak, near Kyrenia in North Cyprus

A local legend says that the shroud in which Joseph of Arimathea wrapped the dead Jesus was brought here, and rested in the basilica until 1452. Marguerete de Charny, a descendent of a nobleman of Champagne who was said to have obtained it during the crusades, then presented it to the Cathedral at Turin.

Strange though this story might sound, and although there is no proof that the shroud was ever near Cyprus, there is proof that in 1349 Geoffrey de Charny, a French knight, is already in possession of the Shroud, which some believe he acquired in Constantinople. And in 1453 Margaret de Charny, at Geneva, receives from Duke Louis I of Savoy the castle of Varambon and revenues of the estate of Miribel near Lyon for ‘valuable services’. Those services are thought to have been the bequest of the Shroud.

Best of all. The above entry is cited in a Wikipedia article. (Yes, Google lets you trace citations backwards). See how some Wikipedia writer garbles the text from a travel brochure and plants bad history into an encyclopedia.

According to legend, the shroud of Joseph of Arimathea was once held in the monastery and was taken to Turin, Italy, in 1452 where it remains today and is now known as the Shroud of Turin.

Obviously someone snapped a picture.  Just in case you thought of going to Cyprus to check out the story, the travel site tells us:

Although within the military area and cannot be visited, a good view of the monastery can be had from the Lambousa peninsula. Take the coast road from Girne towards Lapta. Around half a mile after the turning for Alsancak, look for a road on your right signposted to the Camelot beach complex. You will also see the signs for the churches of St Evlalios and St Evlambios. Before reaching the Camelot car park turn left on to the peninsula, and you will see the monastery just beyond the church. Remember, although you are on a public area, the monastery is within the military area, so take care where your camera is pointing.

Manoppello, Shroud and Durer: A Short Presentation by O.K.

imageO.K. begins:

Background: Roberto Falcinelli’s in the paper The Veil of Manoppello: Work of Art or Authentic Relic?(from the 3rd International Dallas Conference on the Shroud of Turin in 2005) claims (by citing some ambiguous references about Dürer’s biography from the book of Giorgio Vasari, 16th century painter and architect ) that Manoppello Image may be Dürer’s self-portrait (or portrait of Raphael), instead of image of Christ.

In the thread Matching Faces. Is it possible? on Shroudstory, David Goulet commented:

OK, it would be a interesting experiment to use Dave Hines imaging overlay with the Manoppello image and the Albrecht Durer painting.

So let’s do it.

Now we must go to a PDF file. It is the best way to see it. CLICK HERE or on the picture shown here from the PDF file.

Remembering the Post

Yesterday, a reader wrote:

A couple of years ago you wrote a parody of an article about Luigi Garlaschelli. I am preparing a lecture on the Shroud and was thinking of using the fake article as a humorous handout. I have not been able to locate it. Do you have a copy that you can send to me.

Actually, it was five years ago. As I read it now I am embarrassed. It was kind of stupid (nah, maybe it was a bit funny). Here is the boring original news story from Reuters. In tracking it down I found this lead up link to it in PZ Myers’s Pharyngula, unquestionable the leading New Atheists blog out there. Here, below the line, is what I wrote (undoubtedly late at night sitting alone in some Jimmy Buffet Margarita Ville bar that I can’t remember. Feel free to use it. And there is no need to give me the credit.

ROME (Reuters) – An Italian scientist says he has reproduced a human being, a feat that he says proves definitively that humans, which Christians say are made in the image of God, are medieval fakes produced using materials and techniques that were available in the middle ages.

A scientifically-made mannequin, measuring 6 feet, 2 inches tall, looks eerily like Luigi Garlaschelli, the scientist himself.

"We have shown that is possible to reproduce something which has the same characteristics as a human being," Luigi Garlaschelli, who is due to illustrate the results at a conference on the para-normal this weekend in northern Italy, said on Monday.

A professor of organic chemistry at the University of Pavia, Garlaschelli made available to Reuters the paper he will deliver and the accompanying comparative photographs.

The mannequin resembles the back and front of a bearded man with long hair with his arms crossed on his chest. He has two hands, two feet and a single head with two eyes and two ears.

Since Darwin, evolutionary biologists have believed that humans evolved along with other animals and plants from a common ancestor. But scientists have thus far been at a loss to explain why some people smoke cherry flavored pipe tobacco since it offers no evolutionary advantage.

Garlaschelli, who received funding for his work by an Italian association of atheists and agnostics, expects people to contest his findings. “They didn’t believe me when I reproduced the Shroud of Turin, Quantum physics and the Egyptian pyramids, thus proving that they, too, were medieval creations. “

“It works for me,” said PZ Myers, pastor of the Morris, Minnesota Pharyngula Church of Fundamentalist Atheists. “I was getting tired of evolution, anyway. I believe everything I read in the newspapers so long as it doesn’t conflict with my beliefs. If humans are manmade, that’s fine. I still don’t need to believe in God.”

Garlaschelli said the funding for his work by his own organization of like-minded atheists had no effect on his results. "I always start with results," he said. “That way, I always arrive at the desired conclusion.”