Breaking News on the Bari Conference

The Bari conference, officially the Workshop on Advances in the Turin Shroud Investigation, has posted the following information on the conference home page:

Only few papers accepted for presentation at the workshop exhibit a content within the IEEE field of interest. As a consequence, we regret to inform the Authors that the IEEE Italy Section do not award the sponsorship to the event.


David Roemer is taking credit. He sent me the following in an email:

Did you know the IEEE withdrew its sponsorship of the Shroud Conference in Bari? I’m taking credit for this because I explained to the leadership of the IEEE that conferences about the Holy Shroud are exercises in pseudoscience.

Now, David, you can get back to important things like having Cardinal Dolan investigated by the Inquisition because he thinks the shroud is real, disagrees with your views on the Big Bang or thinks you can be a quite unpleasant fellow when you paper is not accepted. 

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  1. “Only few papers accepted for presentation at the workshop exhibit a content within the IEEE field of interest.”
    No kidding!

    Has Vernon Cooray cancelled his presentation?

    “Piero can clear his doubts about the lightning here and the topic gains importance in view of the paper to be presented by the Sri Lankan scientist Professor Vernon Cooray (Uppsala University, Sweden), author of around 200 scientific papers and a recognised authority, in Bari, Italy.”

    I was hoping that “as professor at Uppsala he should not say to much baloney”… for sure he won’t.

    1. Well, Professor Vernon Cooray is a known authority, has published around 200 scientific papers and will present his paper on lightning, which is where his expertise lies, at Bari. It will undoubtedly be a scientific paper. What he says will of course be theoretical and we will have to weigh the evidence with what we know for certainty about the Shroud till today. I don’t really expect baloney, for surely he knows the controversies in the realm of Shroud studies. Would he go from Sweden to Bari to present baloney and add to the controversy?

        1. Hi Gian Marco, both you and Anoxie has raised a good question. The programme has changed, Professor Cooray no longer appears on the list and now there is just one expert, not two, in ancient Jewish and Roman textiles, coming from Israel.

  2. A few days ago, I sent a letter to Cardinal Dolan saying that if the conflict between us about the authenticity of the Holy Shroud is not resolved, I would file a canonical complaint against him with the Holy Father. Only a pope can take action against a cardinal.

  3. How do you file a canonical complaint? Do you have to fill in lots of forms in medieval Latin?

    The sponsorship always looked quite bizarre and I am only surprised that the IEEE ever signed up in the first place as I could not see how the Shroud fitted into its area of interest.

    1. You just send a registered letter to the pope and cite the Cannon Law that is being violated. An example is here: The law I mentioned to Cardinal Dolan was Canon 279 §3: “acquire knowledge of other sciences, especially of those which are connected with the sacred sciences….”

      We don’t know what reasons the IEEE gave the Italy Section for withdrawing its sponsorship.

  4. IEEE’s purpose.

    Mission statement
    IEEE’s core purpose is to foster technological innovation and excellence for the benefit of humanity.
    Vision statement
    IEEE will be essential to the global technical community and to technical professionals everywhere, and be universally recognized for the contributions of technology and of technical professionals in improving global conditions.

    Hard to see how this fitted in with research on the Shroud unless it became available for research by new technology. Would the core membership of IEEE agree that the authenticity or not of the Shroud is connected with ‘the benefit of humanity’ or ‘improving global conditions’?

    All rather strange.

    1. This is the list of the topics on the conference invitation for papers:

      image formation
      image processing
      textile’s manufacturing
      physicochemical aspects
      forensic medicine

  5. The Pope is the owner of the Shroud, what Cardinal Dolan says is his private point of view. The TS is not an article of Faith, no belief can be imposed or rejected,and the pontiff has much more important Church issues to deal with. He still has a lot of problems with the Curia and even a South American hardliner like him is having difficulties..

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