Devastating News for the Mona Lisa? Is She or He a Photograph?

clip_image001The blog is called La pagina di Littleflower (The page of Littleflower). Thanks to Google Translation, we can read What links the Shroud of Turin to Leonardo’s Mona Lisa. It was posted yesterday:

The Shroud and the Mona Lisa contain many common points such as to generate suspicion that they are actually two separate parts of a single work.

The Shroud and the Mona Lisa not only contain graphic parts that seem designed specifically to be overlapped with each other, but they also contain references to correctly display and overlay.

And this,

Personally I do not believe that the creation of the Shroud is the result of a specific commission proposed by the Savoy but I think the Shroud of Leonardo was ready because it was the result of previous experiments tending to prove the falsity and the easy reproducibility of such a relic.

In the realization of his Shroud Leonardo, however, takes a number of precautions so that the truth will emerge in the future, in order to prepare or modify the Mona Lisa so that superimposing the two images it is quite unobjectionable that the achievement is yours.

And it was photographic. Yes, apparently so if you believe Littleflower. Forget the shroud, the implications for the Mona Lisa are devastating.

3 thoughts on “Devastating News for the Mona Lisa? Is She or He a Photograph?”

  1. First of all i wish to thank you for having published the article, I just want to clarify a couple of things.
    The article that was published in my blog but it was written By Guglielmo Menegatti.
    Guglielmo is a high-level programmer, specialized in graphics and stereoscopy, and in this field he is one of the stronger specialist acknowledged worldwide. He is also an inventor, an artist, painter and sculptor, and his work has been showed in several Exhibition in Italy and finally, he is also an expert Alchemist.
    Please consider that the work presented in the article is just a piece taken from a much bigger study.
    Thank you .

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