New Photographs of the Samples from Oxford

imagePam has sent some new pictures.  You may recall that she applied to Oxford University (under the UK Freedom of Information Act 2007) to supply the photographs and data surrounding the 1988 tests. This exchange took place:

“Professor Ramsey has put most of it online. (one of the samples is missing but the Shroud data is there).

I wrote to her and asked her to explain what she meant when she said a sample was missing. Her next email to me stated:

“If you look at the whole sample of three of the tested cloths p2574_5; p2576_5 and p2575_8 you can see the first three samples. But the last one (I suspect it is Louis’ cloak) is missing.

“I’m fairly sure the Shroud is p2575 – the only herringbone weave and it looks like other related images we’ve seen of nearby samples. But on Monday I will go back to the compliance officer and question it.”

She has followed up. Yesterday she wrote to me:

Just to say that Professor Ramsey has posted some fascinating photos of the sample online. 

They are not the official University photos but they add substantially to Shroud knowledge. In particular the Shroud of Turin sample shows the underside/ reverse of the cloth.  Has that ever been photographed before?  I don’t remember seeing it.

The official set from early June

The latest showing the underside as a PDF file (or click on the image above)

2 thoughts on “New Photographs of the Samples from Oxford”

  1. I am curious to know what is your opinion on the UV controls
    (operating with a UV control very short to avoid damage).
    From money to artwork, fakes and forgeries often look different under blacklight…

    Is it possible to check all the samples under UV light?
    Different chemical properties become apparent under a blacklight…

    What are the results (UV versus Vis) from all the samples?

    1. I don’t think any UV photography was done on the C14 samples specifically, and they are now mostly not in existence. However the Arizona reserve bits, of which there is a least one and ought to be two, could be photographed. Could Barrie do it?

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