New Documentary in the Works

Barrie Schwortz writes on the STERA Facebook page:

Last week I participated in the filming of a new documentary that is taking a completely novel (and refreshing) approach to presenting information about the Shroud of Turin. Rather than the usual talking heads in white lab coats that argue for or against authenticity, this program follows the research of Parker Dow (hidden behind the camera in the photo), a high school student from St. Louis who is actually researching and writing his senior thesis on the Shroud. In fact, it was Parker himself who interviewed me and not an off camera producer as is typical in such programs. The as yet unnamed program is designed to appeal to a younger audience and is slated for release in 2015. . . .

Here is a link to Salt River Production Group.

The image shown is an inline link to the image on the STERA Facebook page where it resides and the credit reads: “Photo courtesy Chuck Neff, Salt River Production Group (one of the co-sponsors of the upcoming St. Louis Shroud Conference).”

4 thoughts on “New Documentary in the Works”

  1. I remember a high school student who had a question here and started a thread, a while back. Might be the same guy?

      1. Thanks Barrie, looking forward for the new documentary. You continue to inspire me.

  2. But … What kind of studies perform Dow Parker?

    What is the specific field of study of the student?
    Thank you in advance.

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