The Official Site Wants You to Come to the Exhibition in 2010

That’s right, 2010

imageIt doesn’t matter how you got to the Official Shroud of Turin website maintained by the Diocese of Turin. Maybe you Googled your way in. Maybe someone sent you the link. Here it is:  Santa Sindone: Sito ufficiale (Shroud of Turin: Official Site). You prefer English so you click on English in the upper right corner. You then see five options in the top menu: 

Let’s just look at a couple of examples. If you click on THE SHROUD, this is what you see:

In the spring of 2010, just ten years after the Exposition in the jubilee year, the Holy Shroud will once again be on display in the Cathedral of Torino starting on 10 April to 23 May and also Pope Benedict XVI will be there to revere it. The Pope will be in Turin Sunday 2 May 2010.

2010?  April 10 to May 23?  Pope Benedict XVI will be there? Note that the bolding in this paragraph is not mine.  This is the official site published by the Diocese of Turin. 

Now click on NEWS AND INFO. Then click on Information. Then Online reservations. Maybe you are thinking of going in 2015.  Here is what you see:

From december it is possibile to make an online reservation to attend the Shroud exhibition from 10 april to 23 may 2010.Reservations are required.

2010?  Again? So you click on Italian. Maybe Google can translate it for you. No, that won’t do. The page is not available. You quickly lose confidence.

One thought on “The Official Site Wants You to Come to the Exhibition in 2010”

  1. If you translate the current Italian language web page into English you will find, among other notices about the 2015 Exposition, the following statement:

    At the moment you can not book any pilgrimage to the exposition in 2015. Reservations will be carried out, however, from this site, . All information will be soon available on the net.

    In 2010 the reservation system went online about 9 months before the exposition. It is obvious they have not yet updated the page completely. Here’s a link to an English translation of the Italian language page:

    Obviously, they have not yet updated the English version on their site.

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