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Works on any computer, not just the iPad

imageJoe Marino by email and Emanuela Marinelli in a posting to the Holy Shroud Guild Facebook page alert us to “Beautiful free Shroud pictures!” for your iPad. Just load The Shroud for iPad in Safari or Chrome and click on the front or back image. Then zoom away with finger and thumb actions. These are the Durant pictures, by-the-way.

BUT you can see these images in a regular browser on a laptop or desktop computer. And you can zoom them.  With the Chrome browser, I can zoom them up to 500%. Because I am running Windows 8.1 with a touch screen on a laptop (an early Fathers’ Day present) I can zoom or unzoom the pictures in exactly the same way with thumb and finger and drag them to and fro. Fantastic!

I just tried to do this thumb and finger zooming in Shroud Scope. Wow!  Fantastic!

I have just done a seven second comparison to the iPad app Shroud 2.0.  I like this better than the app (which has all those annoying watermarks all over the image). But then again, Shroud 2.0 has some good features and much better high definition based on scans of the shroud. It is a matter of what you want at any given time.

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And speaking of Secondo Pia

“One thing remains clear. This holy relic is still shrouded in mystery.”

And speaking of Secondo Pia, this YouTube from the Travel Channel was just uploaded to YouTube yesterday. When I went to view it I was viewer #2. It is less than three minutes long, well done and fair.

STERA: In Case You Missed It

Writes Barrie Schwortz on the STERA Facebook page:

I am still hard at work on the next website update, which should go online next weekend. In the meantime, with the upcoming 2015 exhibition of the Shroud, I thought you might like to read about the 1898 exhibition when Secondo Pia made the first photograph of the Shroud. The article is by Luigi Fossati from the Nov/Dec 1994 Issue of Collegamento pro Sindone. In case you missed it…



Anticipating the Conference: Kelly Kearse on Bloodstains

Kelly Kearse |  11-Oct-2014  |  3:45-4:30 pm


. . .  While initial efforts point to the detection of authentic blood on the cloth, several fundamental characteristics of the nature of the bloodstains still remain to be conclusively established.  For example, although widely stated that the blood on the Shroud is of human origin, exactly how strong is the scientific evidence for such claims?  Moreover, does the current data effectively exclude the possibility that blood from other species could also be present?  How definitive are the current typing results and what is their overall significance in the bloodstain.evaluation?  Finally, how certain is the evidence that the blood present is representative of (only) a single individual, i.e. a human male? . . .

Click on the title to read the full abstract. Click here for the conference home page.

Intellectual Inferiority of Christians?

The fact that the Shroud of Turin . . .

Joe Marino spotted this interesting article, Are Christians Stupid?,  by George Yancey (pictured) in Black, White and Gray hosted in the Evangelical Channel of Patheos.

imageI will soon have a research article (Coming out this year in the Research in the Social Scientific Study of Religion) that provides some evidence about the unreliability of cognitive ability tests to make assertions about Christian intellectual inferiority. What I did was look at one of the tests suggesting that Christians have a lower level of cognitive ability than the irreligious – a study done by Robert Altemeyer in his book The Authoritarian Specter. He gave respondents a series of statements and asked them whether they agreed with those statements. He wanted to see how well his respondents were able to assess if there was sufficient evidence to support the assertions in the statements. He used 20 statements but on 4 of them religious individuals who had “authoritarian” . . . tendencies tend to make incorrect assessment of the evidence presented in these statements. The four statements are:

1. Just because many religions in the world have legends about a big flood, that does not prove the story of Noah in the Bible is true.

2. The accounts of many people who nearly died, who say they traveled through a dark tunnel toward an all-loving Being of Light, proves the teachings of Christianity are true.

3. The fact that archaeologists have discovered a fallen wall at the site of ancient Jericho does not prove the story in the Bible about Joshua and the horns.

4. The fact that the Shroud of Turin was scientifically shown to have been made in the Middle Ages indicates it is a fake, not a miraculous impression made by God.

Yancey goes on to say:

I am not surprised that Christians are less likely to correctly interpret these statements since a correct interpretation of these statements would challenge their epistemological presuppositions. But as I was reading this research, it occurred to me that none of the statements Altermeyer used would challenge the epistemological presuppositions of atheists or agnostics. If Altermeyer’s work is an example of the type of research used to indicate the intellectual inferiority of Christians, then such research is incomplete unless the irreligious also face the same level of intellectual challenges provided to religious Christians.

If you will be in Nebraska next weekend

imageLent, a particularly popular time for Shroud of Turin presentations, is long past this year. Easter season, longer than Lent, is ending. Sunday, June 8th, will be Pentecost Sunday or Whitsunday. We will be beginning the Season after Pentecost, the second part of Ordinary Times, the long ‘green’ summer into autumn season of the church year. Shroud lectures mostly stop for a time.

Either the shroud is becoming a more popular topic or Russ Breault’s Shroud Encounter has become so popular that this year it goes on and on. And if you are in Nebraska next weekend into Monday you can catch Russ doing his presentation. He will be in Omaha on Pentecost Sunday, June 8th, at St. Robert Bellarmine Church at 5:00pm and in Lincoln on Monday, June 9th at the North American Martyrs Church at 7:00pm. Follow the links for more details and promotional videos.

Come to think of it, the Season after Pentecost may be the most meaningful season of the year for Shroud of Turin presentations.

Program and Presenters for the St. Louis Shroud of Turin Conference

It’s online and merits your attention

imageThe IMPRESSIVE PROGRAM kicks off on Thursday evening with a Shroud Encounter Presentation by Russ Breault and wraps up Sunday morning with a presentation by The Most Rev. Michael John Sheridan. I count 42 presentations.

The LIST OF PRESENTERS is impressive. This is nicely organized with pictures of everyone. Each name in the list is clickable (just as the names are clickable on the Program page) if you want to review biographies; and you will.

Joseph S. Accetta, Ph.D. |  Mark Antonacci |  Frederick Baltz, M.D. |  Bruno Barberis

Cesar Barta  | Roger Bassett  |  Russ Breault  |  Sebastien Cataldo  |  Giulio Fanti

Tony Fleming  | Diana Fulbright  |  Thibault Heimburger, M.D.  |  Kelly P. Kearse

Michelina LeMargie, Ph.D. |  Arthur C. Lind, Ph. D. | Charles Mader, Ph.D.

Paul C. Maloney  |  Flavia Manservigi  | Emanuela Marinelli |  Jack Markwardt

David M. Onysko  | Ivan Polverari  |  Robert A. Rucker  | Daniel C. Scavone, Ph.D.

Raymond J. Schneider, P.E., Ph.D.  |  Jon Schoonover. Ph.D.  |  Peter M. Schumacher, Rev.

Barrie M. Schwortz  |  Michael Sheridan, Most Rev. |  Robert W. Siefker

Andrew Silverman, M.D.  |  Jeffrey Skurka, P.E. |  Petrus Soons, M.D.

Daniel S. Spicer, Ph.D.  | Kenneth Stevenson, Rev. |  Robert Villarreal