Walid Shoebat on the Shroud of Turin

imageControversial* author and former ‘PLO terrorist’ Walid Shoebat has written an article, The Shroud Of Turin Really Is The Face Of Jesus, The Staff Of Moses Is Real, And Christ Is Alive for  his foundation website.

To create even a more of a wow-factor, the forger would have to have the Shroud produced in a true 3-D image, unlike anything ever obtained from ordinary photographs or paintings when subjected the Shroud images to a new state-of-the-art VP-8 Image Analyzer in which the Shroud produced a true 3-D image, unlike anything ever obtained from ordinary photographs or paintings.

And since no one today can explain how the image became on the Shroud, the forger would also have to know some serious undiscovered science, which we do not know yet—in which we do not even know if we will ever discover—since no one can explain how it was made.

The forger would also have to know how to create a miracle since the only conclusion is that the Shroud is the result of radiation from the body at a mysterious resurrection.

So, could the forger be that brilliant, even perhaps the devil himself?

*Why say he is controversial? Read about Walid Shoebat in Wikipedia or watch this video of a CNN special investigation that was broadcast on Anderson Cooper’s AC360 show.

4 thoughts on “Walid Shoebat on the Shroud of Turin”

  1. Walid Shoebat seems to be an intelligent man and is doing some good work in favour of the persecuted. He will take the TS to a wider audience.

  2. I don’t know if Walid’s charity is run properly or not. I can guarantee it though that CNN is very biased to Muslim extremism.

  3. Walid, I’m certain you are correct, but until there is another scientific method of Carbon-14 dating the Shroud to the 1st century, most people (especially scientists) will adhere to the “Shroud is a fake from the Middle Ages” theory.

    Regarding the Shroud image, there are many atheists who believe the cloth wrapped the tortured body of Jacques deMolay.

    And with reference to your life, I have listened to you numerous times on the Micahel Savage radio talk show (99.7 FM).

    There have been many instances, when you’ve exposed the real Muslim agenda to the American audience, that I have actually feared for your life.

    Take care of yourself, Walid.


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