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Significant Update

It is a significant update.

I think the best way to take it all in is to go directly to Late Breaking Website News! Updated June 7, 2014 and start reading and scrolling. You might want to read the page straight through until you get to the last entry. It has a big red question mark and is about the next update.  Or you can click on the table of contents menu.

What a great update!  Plenty here to fill up a rainy weekend, and then some. I’ll comment and invite your comments on some of the update items in the next few days as I get around to blogging about them.

In an email sent to subscribers of the mailing list, Barrie Schwortz writes:

This update includes seven more issues of Shroud Spectrum International, updates on the 2015 Shroud Exposition and upcoming Shroud Conferences, a new Tours to Turin 2015 page with listings of professional travel companies offering Shroud tours, links to many Recently Published papers and articles and some interesting surprises! We hope you enjoy the new information and find it useful. And don’t forget to visit our Private Subscribers Page for exclusive offers not available to the general public. You can also visit our Facebook page, which we try to update weekly.

Note: The link to Private Subscribers Page was changed to the sign up page link. The actual link is a perk for subscribers. So sign up.

BTW: Those Shroud Spectrum International articles are the result of a lot of work by Stephen Jones. He gets a big hat tip for all his work.

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