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If you will be in Nebraska next weekend

imageLent, a particularly popular time for Shroud of Turin presentations, is long past this year. Easter season, longer than Lent, is ending. Sunday, June 8th, will be Pentecost Sunday or Whitsunday. We will be beginning the Season after Pentecost, the second part of Ordinary Times, the long ‘green’ summer into autumn season of the church year. Shroud lectures mostly stop for a time.

Either the shroud is becoming a more popular topic or Russ Breault’s Shroud Encounter has become so popular that this year it goes on and on. And if you are in Nebraska next weekend into Monday you can catch Russ doing his presentation. He will be in Omaha on Pentecost Sunday, June 8th, at St. Robert Bellarmine Church at 5:00pm and in Lincoln on Monday, June 9th at the North American Martyrs Church at 7:00pm. Follow the links for more details and promotional videos.

Come to think of it, the Season after Pentecost may be the most meaningful season of the year for Shroud of Turin presentations.

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