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Program and Presenters for the St. Louis Shroud of Turin Conference

It’s online and merits your attention

The IMPRESSIVE PROGRAM kicks off on Thursday evening with a Shroud Encounter Presentation by Russ Breault and wraps up Sunday morning with a presentation by The Most Rev. Michael John Sheridan. I count 42 presentations.

The LIST OF PRESENTERS is impressive. This is nicely organized with pictures of everyone. Each name in the list is clickable (just as the names are clickable on the Program page) if you want to review biographies; and you will.

Joseph S. Accetta, Ph.D. |  Mark Antonacci |  Frederick Baltz, M.D. |  Bruno Barberis

Cesar Barta  | Roger Bassett  |  Russ Breault  |  Sebastien Cataldo  |  Giulio Fanti

Tony Fleming  | Diana Fulbright  |  Thibault Heimburger, M.D.  |  Kelly P. Kearse

Michelina LeMargie, Ph.D. |  Arthur C. Lind, Ph. D. | Charles Mader, Ph.D.

Paul C. Maloney  |  Flavia Manservigi  | Emanuela Marinelli |  Jack Markwardt

David M. Onysko  | Ivan Polverari  |  Robert A. Rucker  | Daniel C. Scavone, Ph.D.

Raymond J. Schneider, P.E., Ph.D.  |  Jon Schoonover. Ph.D.  |  Peter M. Schumacher, Rev.

Barrie M. Schwortz  |  Michael Sheridan, Most Rev. |  Robert W. Siefker

Andrew Silverman, M.D.  |  Jeffrey Skurka, P.E. |  Petrus Soons, M.D.

Daniel S. Spicer, Ph.D.  | Kenneth Stevenson, Rev. |  Robert Villarreal

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