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Colin Berry: It’s not douse water, it’s the feet being orthogonal to the longitudinal plane during scorching

"Ah yes, one can see the imaging of toes, albeit bunched toes,
especially the tips of toes?

Are you surprised? Colin Berry has an explanation in his science buzz blog. It is The feet of the Man on the TS are not "obscured" in the frontal view. They simply failed to imprint well (except for the tips of the toes).

Irrespective, the take-away message of this posting should be clear. No, the feet are not completely imaged, but for reasons to do with the ‘awkward’ nature of the feet being orthogonal to the longitudinal plane of legs and torso. The linen of the TS failed to make contact with the main part of at least one of the feet, whereas good contact was made with the tips of the toes of BOTH feet.

My scorch model is consistent with the empirical evidence that is there for all to see on Shroud Scope. What is more, it’s been shown, after a fashion, to have predictive utility – I predicted that the toes would be imaged, when others are saying the feet are "obscured" by water stains etc.The ball is  now in their court to explain how toes come to be imaged in their mechanistic models (assuming they have one).

Picture Caption:

Here’s the same at higher magnification. Note the presence of a dark-light-dark-light alternation of red-brown coloration close to and parallel with the lower edge of the TS. (Note too the annoying presence of some longitudinal banding that accentuates image intensity – a well-known effect ).

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