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The Colin Berry Dislocated Shoulder Theory

imageColin Berry writes on his Science Buzz blog, Suddenly, it’s discovered that one of "Jesus’s" arms on the Turin Shroud is dislocated. Now there’s a surprise. Colin even touches on the possibility that a suggestion by him led to the dislocation theory:

Alternative narrative? This blogger suggested many moons ago that the TS image was imprinted as a scorch onto linen by a medieval-era artisan from a heated life-sized bronze of the crucified Christ. But there was a problem. The arms of  the latter were still in crucifixion mode. They  needed to to be sawn off and re-positioned, hands over groin, to make the image look respectably post-mortem, modesty-protecting, those hands acting fig-leaf fashion  ‘down there’ so as not to offend the ladies.

Crucified Christ? Maybe. Or there again, maybe a latter-day Templar knight, like, hint, hint, a falsely-condemned martyr  (Jacques de Molay? Geoffroi de Charney?), liquidated in Philip IV of France’s purge of the order, involving initially the  lengthy imprisonment (7 years), spasmodic  torture and – finally – execution on a  Seine island in the centre of gay Paree by slow-roasting over coals in 1314.

If one’s to be considered a scientist (as distinct from an agenda-driven apologist for the Christian faith – or at any rate one variant thereof) one cannot ignore alternative scenarios, least of all those that fit the radiocarbon dating (1260-1390).

My title ("Now there’s a surprise"). What made our sindonologist friends suddenly discover a "dislocated arm at the shoulder"? Not by any chance the suggestion that one or both arms of an existing bronze template had been detached and re-positioned so as to make a more convincing template?

It is a relatively good posting up to the point where Colin dislocates his own shoulder trying to pat himself on the back.

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