How many strange statements can you count?

imageThis is an account of a lecture given by John C. Iannone. Gosh, I hope this is a problem in reporting:

. . . The Shroud’s authenticity was attacked in the late 1980s by the New York Times which was doing what it does best– mocking the beliefs of Christians.

. . . Invited by Shroud Custodian Cardinal Saldarini to analyze the Cloth, Mr. Iannone told a Fort Pierce Florida audience at St. Anastasia’s Catholic Church that the four soil samples he and fellow scientists examined from the cloth match precisely the four soil types at the locations where the Shroud was known to have traveled!

[ . . . ]

The “epsilon,” which is a small positive quantity that provides mathematical analysis, could be seen as a lightened area flowing out of the lips of our Lord as HIS very death was taking place! . . .

But clearly the most transcendental part of the evening’s lecture came when the Catholic scholar explained the very exact analysis points to the location on the cloth when Jesus rose from death.  

[ . . . ]

. . .   “As Jesus Christ entered Eternity, the atoms of His Body at the Resurrection accelerated dramatically. . . . And the light of Jesus’ Resurrection even shows up in NSA analysis!

This is why we must blog!

2 thoughts on “How many strange statements can you count?”

  1. John Iannone is listed on Shroud-com as a recognised Shroud speaker and has written several works on the subject. The article appears on ‘Coach Kevin Collins” blog site [sub-title “Coach is Right” should be read as a political position not a truth statement]. Article is written by Suzanne Eovaldi and contains several whacky statements. I wouldn’t know if Iannone would own them or not. Main topics on the blog site seemed aimed at an extreme right-wing Republican readership, some attacking Obama health care programme. Outside USA, it’s generally considered that USA has the worst health-care system of any country in the western world. Other countries less well-endowed with economic resources succeed in good publlic health-care programmes. You should deal with it.

  2. “I have not come to bring peace a but a sword” / “I have not come to bring unity but division” (Matt. 10:34), is what the Shroud has done to those who have sought to take more from it than what is offered.

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