Two Million Page Views and Counting

imageSometime today, we crossed the 2,000,000 page views threshold.

  • 26,731 comments so far
  • Yesterday the blog had the second best day yet. 2,762 different people visit the site. Today will be better.
  • Tomorrow is Good Friday. We’ll do even better.  Last year on Good Friday the blog had 5,580 visitors. I don’t imagine that we will top that.

2 thoughts on “Two Million Page Views and Counting”

  1. This is fantastic. I’m a regular and enjoy your blog. You might be interested in a great book on the Shroud I read called “The Linen God”. A thriller based on the Shroud of Turin that I could not put down. An American author I think.

  2. Congratulations Dan, I guess you know Stephen is using this against you in his most recent post. he is really going Ad hominem now, I don’t see why this shouldn’t be celebrated, doesn’t he always thank you for the free publicity

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