CNN’s Jesus Code: Six Objects Connected to the Biblical Jesus

Coming to the old Larry King time slot

imageBREAKING: Jon Creamer of Televisual Media UK tells us about an upcoming six-part series on Jesus:

Nutopia is to make a ‘forensic’ drama doc about the life of Jesus in a six-part commission for CNN called Jesus Code.

Jesus Code will look at “forensics, biblical archaeology and forgery, exploring their connection to the real life of Jesus by questioning the authenticity of sacred relics.”

The show will use drama reconstruction and interviews with scholars to re-examine six objects connected to the Biblical Jesus.

Executive Producer, Ben Goold (The Story of US, Mankind, The British) said “These are compelling and astonishing stories of relics such as the Turin Shroud and the True Cross that not only capture the imagination, but also offer real revelations about one of the most important figures in human history.”

Jesus Code will be produced by Nutopia in association with Paperny Entertainment. Filming will start in October in Europe, the US, North Africa and Middle East.  Executive Producers are Ben Goold for Nutopia and Lynne Kirby for Paperny Entertainment and it will be distributed internationally by DRG.

Jesus Code forms part of CNN’s new documentary strand in the ET 9pm primetime line-up.

Rodney Ho of The Atlanta Journal Constitution gives the story a bit more punch with a bit less detail as part of a story on 9 p.m. time slot that Larry King occupied for a quarter century and Piers Morgan attempted to fill. The story is mostly about the big guns CNN is bringing into the hour: Mike Rowe (‘formerly of Discovery’s “Dirty Jobs’), Lisa Ling (formerly of “Our America with Lisa Ling”) and John Walsh (formerly of Fox’s ‘America’s Most Wanted”). And the icing on the cake:

Finally, how could the most famous man in history have left almost no trace behind? Bringing the most compelling artifacts together for the first time, The Jesus Code will take viewers on a thrilling high-stakes journey through forensics, biblical archeology and forgery in history, exploring the evidence of Jesus’ existence by questioning the authenticity of sacred relics.

Let’s see, six relics?  (1) Shroud of Turin, (2) True Cross, (3) Holy Grail ???, (4) Veronica’s Veil ???, (5) Seamless Garment ???, (6) ???. 

2 thoughts on “CNN’s Jesus Code: Six Objects Connected to the Biblical Jesus”

  1. Biblical archaeology and forgery? One hopes some mention is made of the so-called James ossuary, returned to the owner by the IAA because because he acquired it before 1978, with a statement questioning the second part of the inscription:
    Yaakov bar Yehosef, akhui d’Yeshua
    James, son of Joseph, brother of Jesus
    The ossuary’s owner Oded Golan was lucky that the Egyptian Coptic Jeweller Marco Ghattas did not go to Israel to testify, although he did tell the press that he forged at least 20 inscriptions for him.
    Whoever forged the second part of the inscription thought it would be easy for everyone to swallow it. He seems to have read the New Testament, but not the Old Testament carefully.
    OT references demonstrate that the inscription should read:
    Yeshua (Jesus) was the brother of Yehosef (Joseph).
    This was just one of the flaws,

  2. I can hardly wait, I am hoping that we get a reminder about a week or so before the 1st telecast.

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