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More on the “Y” Crucifixion with Pictures

imageMike M writes:

I wanted to respond to that post but then again I don’t think I will do it justice without images and I still don’t know how to attach images to a comment.

I promise: when I figure it how and it is explainable, I’ll explain it.

(See Large Images Below)

I think the authors are confused between the Y cross and the "simple cross" (crucifix simplex) please see the first image below to compare the blood flow between 3 different types of crosses. I don’t think there would be much difference between the blood flow on the arms if Jesus was crucified on the Latin cross or the Y-cross.

However I don’t know why the authors (and Luigi ) ignored the blood flow on the left arm, there can be clearly seen 2 directional rivulets of blood indicating that the arms were not positioned in the the same direction. Please see image number 2 for an illustration of this. As can be clearly seen the blood flow going straight down ( in the right arm) is also consistent with the blood pooling in the right elbow as have been suggested in Dr. Lavoie’s experiments to explain the blood stain going off the elbow. While the blood flowing in 2 directions on the left arm is because the blood can either flow on the arm itself ( if the flow is slow and of low volume) or directly downwards due to gravity (if the flow is excessive and the weight of the blood becomes too much to flow parallel to the stretched arm) in that case the arm would be stretched out and there would be no pooling of blood on the left elbow ( as is clearly seen on the shroud). I realize that some think the double rivulets are due to Jesus moving in 2 different directions to breath, I don’t believe this to be the case since the double flow is only apparent on one arm and not both and also because I don’t think that Jesus would be able to move with that huge nail in his wrists. All motion, if any, would be at elbow/shoulder level and not wrist level. Therefore I strongly believe the 2nd image would be the most probable for the man on the shroud from the moment he was nailed to the cross till Rigor Mortis. Thanks,



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