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Tremendous Success of Shroud Encounter with Russ Breault

Joe Steck of the Mankato Times – Mankato being the city at the confluence of  the Minnesota River and the Blue Earth River – reports that  . . . 

The MSU Ballroom [that is Minnesota State University and not any of the other 23 universities that use that abbreviation] was filled with Believers, science geeks and those who just love artifacts on Wednesday night to see the Shroud of Turin presentation by Russ Breault.

The event was hosted by the St. Thomas More Catholic Newman Center – Catholic Mavs and was well received by a near capacity audience. . . .

Russ sent me an email:

Tremendous event on Wednesday at MNSU in Makato. Over 400 attended.  The Newman Center did a terrific job promoting the event.  I was interviewed by two newspaper, a radio station and a TV crew came before it started so they could get it on the evening news at6:00.  The event started at 7:00.  I couldn’t have asked for more support from a sponsoring organization.

I’d say overall tremendous success with Shroud Encounter. Go check out the Shroud Encounter Facebook page for some close-in scheduled events. 

Here is a promo for the upcoming Shroud Encounter at UMass:

SHROUD ENCOUNTER PROMO— UMass-Amherst, Newman Catholic Center, Monday, March 10th at 7:00 PM from Shroud Encounter on Vimeo.

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