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Oh no, a mean and nasty smokescreener and clever rationalizationer

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Sectes et Pseudo-sciences is reporting on the 2013 Activities of Joe Nickell:

As CSI’s Senior Research Fellow Joe Nickell continued his work—now in the middle of his fifth decade—of investigating the world’s paranormal, historical, and forensic mysteries. A former stage magician, a twice-promoted operative for a world-famous detective agency, and a literary scholar (Ph.D. in English literature, with an emphasis on literary investigation and folklore), Nickell also has a strong background in both historical research and forensics. He is the author (or co-author or editor) of some forty books, including Unsolved History, Crime Science, and Looking for a Miracle.He has appeared on numerous television shows, such as Oprah, and has been profiled inThe New Yorker and on the Today show.

[ . . . ]

Print and online news sources that sought Nickell’s expertise included the Baltimore Sun, Orlando Sentinel, Kansas City Star, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Raleigh News Observer, and many others. Nickell was the prominently featured skeptic regarding the notorious Shroud of Turin in an article in the National Catholic Register. (Unfortunately Nickell’s scientific and historical evidence was followed by a proponent’s smokescreen of pseudoevidence, pseudoscience, and clever rationalizations.)

Oh no, a mean and nasty smokescreener of pseudostuff, no less a clever rationalizationer, at the National Catholic Register.

Official triptych showing Joe in his lab wearing a suit, sleeveless bush jacket and white lab coat is from Joe’s media information page at

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