If you will be in the Cleveland area on January 25th

imageThe Cleveland Plain Dealer is reporting:

David Onysko, who has done extensive research and speaking on the Shroud of Turin, will give a multi-media presentation on the shroud, science and history at 3 p.m. Saturday, Jan. 25 at Christ the King Lutheran Church, 10285 Ravenna Road, Twinsburg. [Twinsburg is near Cleveland.]

The shroud, believed by some to be the burial shroud of Jesus Christ, bears the faint image of a bearded, crucified man along with a pattern of what are said to be bloodstains.

The event is free. For more information, call 330-425-7377 or see Onysko’s website at manintheshroud.org.

If you visit David’s website, Man in the Shroud Ministries, you are in for a bonus feature, a 91 slide slideshow presentation.  Enjoy.

David’s bio from his website:

imageIn 1983, David Onysko earned a Bachelor of Science Degree from Cleveland State University with a Master in Education in 1991.  After two decades of teaching, he is turning his full-time attention to Sindonology (the study of the Shroud).  David’s interest has led him to many scientific/theological conferences (St. Louis, Rome, Dallas, New York, etc.)  Over the years, he has spoken to thousands about the Shroud of Turin, including international audiences.  In April 1998, David and a world-wide press corps viewed the Shroud during a private 45 minute showing.  In August 2000, David and his family traveled to Turin, Italy to see the image during the Shroud’s Jubilee Exposition.  He has been presenting the continuing story of the Shroud of Turin since the late 1980s.  David resides in the greater Cleveland area.

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  1. Very interesting. Slides 25, 26 and 27 of David Onysko’s slideshow presentation show parts of microscope slides captioned “Sticky tape sample taken by Dr. Max Frei showing pollen fibrils and red silk.” Does anyone know the provenance of these photos? Mr Onysko doesn’t give an email address, so I can’t easily contact him. The first slide (25) shows not only what appears to be a broken end of brown linen thread, a length of red silk and a single pollen grain, but a very large quantity of single cotton fibres. I could speculate at some length about these, but would like to know if the photo is genuine first.

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