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I agree. I agree. I agree. Mostly.

imagedaveb of wellington nz comments:

We do not know what the imaging process was. How was the cloth draped or wrapped around the body? Why is the image a near orthogonal projection with no lateral distortion? Why is there no image of the sides, nor of the crown of the head? At the crown, the image changes abruptly from ventral to dorsal. It is as if the imaging action was fundamentally vertical, rather than an emanation from the body surface. This might argue for a decisive influence from within the earth, such as radon gas. That it is not a perfect image might argue against it being miraculous. The pathologists saying that the body is perfectly proportioned, refers I think to a general observation of a trend, rather an exactitude in particular detail. That some claim to observe that there are paticular distortions, (such as elbows, long fingers etc) suggest random fluctuations in some kind of naturalistic process. Nobody knows. Nobody knows. Nobody knows.

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