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The Mysteries of the Holy Sepulcher Documentary

imageThis is a Google translation from the History Channel Latin America for a broadcast this December:

The existence of Jesus Christ and his subsequent resurrection have always generated intense debate. Is it just a mystery of faith or actually it is a historical fact? Different objects show the presence of the son of God on Earth. The Shroud, for example, is a fabric that would have wrapped the body of Jesus for burial. But it is not the only element of this type. There are also other items that remain from that time. In this research, science and faith come together to try to find an answer to the enigmas of the Holy Sepulchre. Jesus Christ it really existed?

Here is a trailer in English:

The Mysteries of the Holy Sepulcher


Full-length versions of these documentaries seem to make it onto YouTube within a month or two of first broadcast. Here is a link to the Sydonia page on the documentary. Sydonia is the production company.

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