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What if there is a breeze?

imageThe numbered claims/facts/absurdities (you decide) are taken directly from a featured, front page story on Catholic Net: The Tilma of Guadalupe by Joseph A’Hearn, LC.

The About page for Catholic net says:

In 2000, a partnership between Zenit news agency and several other Catholic organizations resulted on the creation of Spanish version as an outlet member of the RIIAL (Information Network of the Church in Latin America). . . . is committed to providing complete and accurate information on Catholicism, and in-depth education and personal guidance on any daily life subject through a Catholic perspective.

Currently is available on both English and Spanish with a database of more than 30 thousand articles and over a thousand alliances with other catholic sites and portals. Our visitors are more than three million a month and we have over a million subscribers to our mailing lists. (emphasis mine)

And here are the claims:

  1. NASA has stated that the image’s colors are not made from any material found on Earth. A laser that scanned the image even found that the colors float three tenths of a millimeter in front of the Tilma surface, without touching it.
  2. Microscopic analysis of the pupils of Our Lady of Guadalupe reveals what she must have seen in the instant her image appeared. She is surrounded by thirteen people. One of these is clearly identified as Bishop Juan de Zumárraga. Zooming in even more, to the point of examining the Bishop’s pupils, reveals the spectacle he saw: Juan Diego opening his garment in front of him.
  3. The Virgin exhibits qualities of a living person, too. Her eyes contract and dilate in response to light and darkness. The temperature of the Tilma remains stable at 98.6 degrees. A stethoscope has even measured the heartbeats of a baby in her womb.

NASA stated?  What if there is a breeze? The pupil in the pupil? As I was reading the article I found myself saying, “Please don’t mention the shroud. We have enough problems with credibility.” But alas:

Science has no explanation for such phenomena. We are talking about something supernatural. Can the same be said about the Shroud of Turin? Whether the Shroud is an authentic miracle and portrays the image of Jesus Christ is a hot topic for debate. Even touching on all the points that science, art, and other disciplines have investigated about the Shroud surpasses the scope of this article. Let it suffice here to mention some inconsistencies of those who reject its authenticity. . . .

Read on, The Tilma of Guadalupe.

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