i’m asking, for now, that comments about Michael Jude’s book and
his claims of special knowledge be confined to this posting

imageMichael Jude, by way of an off-topic comment introduced me to his book. Earlier this week I took the comment he submitted and turned it into a posting: Reader Recommends His Own Book. No one added any comments although over a thousand people read the posting.

Michael has now dropped a comment in a thread about updates to the Holy Shroud Guild. It was, as Paulette noted, to say in Michael’s own words regarding the shroud, “I claim to understand the mechanism involved and all of its ramifications and all that it entails.”

Is Michael going to tell us? Must we buy the book? Of course, one volunteer could read the book and tell the rest of us. But then first things first; is the answer even in the book?

I have now received an email from Michael. It reads:

I wrote a book that explains the origins of the human physical body as an 
emanation of its elemental spiritual source thus providing a proper conduit for 
array of transcendent abilities such as consciousness, sight and memory to the 
degree that they enable one to acquire, at times, a sense of an accompanying 
power beyond one's own physical being

I wrote a book that contains, complements and answers verbatim parts of dialogue 
interviews and narration from various television shows documentaries and even 
one major motion picture whose individual and combined meanings suggest a new 
understanding of certain aspects of the fundamental nature of reality in 
conjunction with the human religious experience. Unto itself this is no more 
meaningful than a grocery or laundry list until one considers the fact that none 
of these events appeared until January 2007 while the book was written in 1990.

I wrote a book that serendipitously explains how the image on the Shroud Of 
Turin was created. I was able to do this by acquiring a body of knowledge the 
nature and measure of which that by time I wrote about it having heard of it a 
relatively short time before it now became a mere footnote the logical 
conclusion in a divine syllogism similar to Einstein’s proposed theory of 
everything not only in brevity but in utilizing the same exacting elemental 
components that would also comprise the theory itself. This body of knowledge 
explained those things one would first need to understand before understanding 
how the image was formed such as the elemental relationship between those parts 
of Jesus' body that were affected by the crucifixion and the reason for the act 
itself as well as an understanding of the element of light that far transcends 
its usual role as an illuminating agent. To varying degrees and effects, the 
inspired writings of the book also reference and draw certain parallels to 
Jesus, Muhammad, St. Thomas and Judas Iscariot.

I wrote a book, I have good reason to believe, that identifies and explains the 
many  effects of the substance that must be changed before the second coming of 
Christ or an event of similar magnitude without religious affiliation while in 
its current state.

The title of the book is Thirteenth Apostle: The Coming Transubstantiation
Its website is shownamystery.com. Some parts of it need to be written in a more 
"relaxed" style. In whatever capacity you function.... literary agent, news 
media or academia I heartily encourage any questions, comments, concerns or 

I wrote a book and it wrote me

I’m asking, for now, that comments about Michael Jude’s book and his claims of special knowledge be confined to this posting.