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Reader Recommends His Own Book

Author Michael Jude writes by way of an off-topic comment:

In 1990 I wrote a book that serendipitously explains how the image on the Shroud of Turin was created. I was able to do this by acquiring a body of knowledge, the nature and measure of which, that by time I wrote about the Shroud, having heard of it just a few days before, it now became a mere footnote, the logical conclusion in a ‘divine’ syllogism. This body of knowledge explains those things one would first need to have an understanding of before understanding how the image was created such as the elemental relationship between those parts of Jesus’ body that were affected by the crucifixion and the traditional reason for the act itself along with an understanding of the element of light that far transcends its usual role as an illuminating agent. In reality, even if the Shroud were proven to be fake, even if it or Jesus himself ever existed, the dynamics for such a phenomenon to occur are not only a functioning, literal, material part of our everyday lives but provide the source and mechanics for any act of good to occur thereby embracing the word ‘religion’ in its original, textbook definition

I don’t like to recommend buying books by email. I have left that part of the comment off. If you are interested in the book, you will find it as an out-of-print entry at Amazon. From there you might check out Alibris or your local library book exchange. Or email me for the address.

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