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Thanks to Joe Marino and Barrie Schwortz

imageA reader from Wisconsin writes:

I was looking for a list of present and past organizations that are or were involved with the Holy Shroud of Turin. The list compiled and maintained by Messer’s Marino and Schwortz at is wonderful. I can only imagine how much work went into it. My profound thanks.

Might I suggest that the web-page show the date of the latest update and provide a  button for reporting necessary changes. For instance I note that the URL addresses for

  • 1/ The Garden Tomb Shroud Center
  • 2/ Holy Face Monastery
  • 3/ August Accetta’s Shroud Center of Southern California
  • 4/ Richmond Shroud of Turin Center

are defunct and the domains are for sale. I don’t mind the dead URL’s. I’m not complaining. This list is wonderful.

Any other scrubs? Additions? Updates?

Formatting note: I added the bullets into the email from the reader. And I add my thanks; lists like this are very useful.

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