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We walk in the footsteps of giants

imageFinally. . . the big day arrived. . . . I arrived early at the assembly area and noticed a boy of about twelve – a bandage still on his head from "Bloody Sunday" – walking across the lot and headed directly for me. He had a moth-eaten blanket with a belt around it and a paper bag with his lunch. He approached and said: "Father, is anyone walking with you? My daddy’s dead, my brother is a cripple and momma has to stay home with him. I am the ‘onliest’ one who can go, and I’m scared." I took his hand, put him on the inside, and together we marched across Pettus Bridge.

— from a speech by Kim Dreisbach about the March after Bloody Sunday in 1965

John Klotz writes:

In the process of writing my manuscript, I am up to 2006 and I came upon this beautiful piece by Kim Dreisbach [pictured here]. Kim was to deliver it at a conference at Perugia, It but suffered a fatal heartache at the Atlanta Airport (as I am sure you knew). Barrie Schwortz was scheduled to meet Kim at the Rome Airport and learned of his death a half an hour before his scheduled arrival in Rome.

There is a lengthy report and tribute to Kim on the 2006 News update at

There is a link on the update to the papers that Kim was scheduled to deliver. I have just read it for the first time. I found it to be moving. eloquent and profound. If you have never linked this paper on the blog, perhaps now would be an a good time.

I would point out that it was Kim who brought to Ian Wilson’s attention the fact that Oxford had been advised of the cotton content of its sample and the cotton was not transient, promiscuous contamination but interwoven with the linen.

We walk in the footsteps of giants. I truly regret that I came too late to this endeavor to have known this man personally. But after reading his paper, I think I know him very well.

Thanks, John. We need to be reminded to remember.

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