we should wonder if “the structure of the TS fibers itself and/or the presence
of a thin layer of impurities at the surface of the whole fabric
play a crucial role in the image forming process.”

imageThibault Heimburger has put together an extraordinary collection of Mark Evans photomicrographs (from 1978) to which he has added some comments. I had hoped to simply display all of the pictures here along with the captions. So far, I haven’t succeeded. These are large scale images contained in a single PDF file and I have not been able to extract some of them from the file. Nonetheless, I can provide you with the PDF file and you can view the images that way.

You should note the following from the first page of the PDF:


©Thibault Heimburger- November 2013 (for the captions and comments).

All the pictures are ©STERA, Inc. They are shown here with the kind authorization of Barrie Schwortz.

They can be used only for research purpose.

The pictures are shown “as received” although I have used a GIMP filter with the same parameters for all of the pictures to slightly improve the sharpness.

The single image on this blog page is a small piece of the image in Figure 4-1 in the PDF.

If I can find a better way to exhibit all the photographs, I will do so. In the meantime, load up the PDF file and explore. This, at least, should get the conversation going.

If you want the URL to paste into your viewer/browser of choice it is: