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Update on the IEEE Workshop: September in Italy

imageThe call for papers has been issued.

This looks good. It is sponsored by the IEEE Italy Section and the Technical University of Bari, with technical co-sponsorship by the CIS (International Center for the Turin Shroud Studies – Turin). Just look at the list of people who are chairing or sitting on the program committee:

According to the website:

This workshop is an unprecedented opportunity for all those who are interested in contributing to the scientific studies on the Turin Holy Shroud. This world-wide appealing subject is now within the framework of a leading scientific organization such as the IEEE.  This workshop aims to present and discuss all the aspects of this peculiar subject, especially concerning, but not limited to the following topics:

  • image formation
  • image processing
  • dating
  • textile’s manufacturing
  • physicochemical aspects
  • forensic medicine
  • archaeology
  • history
  • philosophy
  • iconography

Check out Call for Papers, Deadlines, Committee, Registration and Sponsorship links at the Workshops Home Page. A couple of things I’m hearing offline from others: The 25 seat limit is no longer being mentioned (there are 18 chairs and committee people) and English will be the language of the conference (simultaneous translation, as at some conferences?)

Given the breadth and scope of subjects including history, sponsorship, and the venue, one has to wonder about the wisdom of a fall conference in St. Louis for which there isn’t even yet a date.

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