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Repairs to the Chapel of the Holy Shroud damaged in 1997 fire

imageYesterday, Susan Klaiber, an art historian specializing in European architectural history of the early modern period, reported on her blog, an Update on Restoration: Chapel of the Holy Shroud, Turin:

A press conference today in Turin gave an update on the restoration underway at the Chapel of the Holy Shroud, severely damaged in a fire in 1997. The encouraging report is summarized in a video posted to YouTube by the Direzione Regionale per i Beni Culturali e Paesaggistici del Piemonte.

A few highlights: Arcas, the firm entrusted with the restoration seventeen months ago, plans to complete the project as scheduled in March 2014. Some elements are being restored or replaced using marble from the original quarry in Frabosa, reopened especially for this project. With a total budget of 8.7 million euros, the firm employs fifty workers at the site.

Klaiber notes on her interesting blog. “The complete press release with numerous images of the restoration in progress may also be downloaded.” Klaiber’s blog also has some photographs making the rounds on Twitter.

This YouTube has interesting pictures accompanied by some captions in Italian:

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