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la Repubblica ( is reporting (this is a Google translation):

Headline: Shroud, the shroud in 2015 designing the Exposition

Lede: In conjunction with the Milan Expo and the bicentennial of the birth of Don Bosco. And the Pope could come to Terra Madre in Turin in October 2014

Byline:  Paolo Griseri

Exposition of the Shroud in 2015 and possible visit of the Pope in Turin as early as next year. They are the two dates on which you are working in the current contacts in recent weeks between Turin and Rome. Several hypotheses to the consideration of civil and religious because the next 24 months there are many opportunities, appointments already set and even dangerous crossings to avoid for diplomatic reasons. As a new Exposition of the Shroud is discussed for some time and the idea of keep it in the same months in which you will play the Milan Expo 2015 now seems well-founded.Although you can not bet so blatant about this coincidence to avoid being accused of wanting to translate into the tourist flow instead what the Curia Turin has always wanted to be considered a religious pilgrimage. But, here’s the first connection, the timing suggests a way ‘output diplomatic impasse. Why 2015 is also the bicentenary of the birth of St. John Bosco, the founder of the Salesians. And in those months, especially around the saint’s feast day, January 31, the Salesians have organized a full calendar of events mobilizing hundreds of thousands of members of the Salesian family across five continents. So it would be possible to match the Exposition with the bicentenary of the founding of the congregation and, quite by chance, with the Expo Milan. This is the background to the discussion of the possible visit of Pope Francis in Piedmont. Since the next morning

his election, talking to Santa Marta with Cardinal Severino Poletto, the pontiff expressed a desire to return to visit the land of its origins. But for now there is the opportunity presented itself. 2014 offers two opportunities, such as 2015.The next year the papal visit could coincide with the book fair which, in May, will the Vatican as the host country. One possibility, that of a visit to Francis Librolandia, which has been talked about since the end of spring, when the announcement was made ​​of the presence of the Vatican in the next edition.But in the last hours, especially after the conversation between the Pope himself and the founder of Slow Food, Carlo Petrini, has become a stronger second hypothesis: that of the visit of Francis the next edition of Terra Madre that will bring together farmers from every continent in October 2014. An event that would certainly be in keeping with the themes dear to the new Pope Yet the Pope might decide to decline invitations for 2014 and agree to visit Piedmont in 2015. It will certainly be invited by the Salesians in the celebrations of the end of January and probably, if the Exposition will take place in those months, you can take the opportunity to go on a pilgrimage to the Cathedral. Does not superimpose his visit to the anniversary of the saint, Pope Bergoglio could choose the date of May 24, the feast of Mary Help of Christians, Patroness of the congregation founded by Don Bosco. This would also avoid the dangerous intersection with the campaign for the regional elections to be held on a weekend in March and April of that year. The simultaneous presence of tourists from Milan to visit the Expo would make possible an exposition relatively close compared to the previous year, which took place in 2010. The Curia Turin has always wanted to avoid the succession of Ostensions a few years away, mindful of the experience of 2000, when the linen was exposed to only two years dall’ostensione organized in 1998 to celebrate the centenary of the first photograph of the Shroud. In 2000, it did not happen the influx of pilgrims expected by the organizers.

Hat tips:  Russ Breault, Giorgio Bracaglia on Holy Shroud Guild Facebook page, BT in New London.

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