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In Case You Missed, “In Case You Missed It”

Russ Breault tipped me off to something I had missed (Facebook is not well Googlized, but that isn’t a good excuse; is it?). Russ writes:

Barrie has implemented something new on his FB page.  He is now posting every friday a recommended article from the archives of  He has titled the feature, "In Case You Missed It".  Here is the link:

Here is the first item:

And the next:

Our next installment of "In Case You Missed It" is an important paper co-authored by Dr. Alan Adler and Dr. Alan and Mary Whanger. It was first presented in 1997 at the Nice Symposium in France. It is titled Concerning the Side Strip on the Shroud of Turin, but also makes some very important observations about the radiocarbon dating (see the last 3 paragraphs). Remember, this was written three years BEFORE Benford and Marino first presented their work in 2000.

Thanks, Russ. I’ll need to pay closer attention.

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