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Blood from a picture of Christ: Links to the shroud?

OK. a regular on the blog, asks:

I am currently writing an article for, trying to trace all the burial cloths of Jesus (or parts of them) which were venerated all along the world at various times. While checking the list  of relics sent by Latin Emperor Baldwin II to king Louis IX in César Barta’s article ( ), one thing made me curious. The list goes as follow:

1. – The crown of thorns as the most valuable
2. – A piece of the cross
3. – Blood of Christ
4. – The nappies of the infant Jesus
5. – Another piece of the cross
6. – Blood from a picture of Christ
7. – The chain
8. – Sacred cloth inserted in a picture (Mandylion)
9. – Stone from the tomb
10. – Milk of the Virgin Mary
11. – The spear
12. – A victorious cross (this is most probably reference to Titulus)
13. – The purple mantle
14. – The reed
15. – The sponge
16. – A part of the shroud (sudarii) in which Christ’s body was wrapped in
the sepulchre
17. – The towel used to dry the Apostles’ feet
18. – Moses’ rod
19. – A part of John the Baptist’s head
20. – St. Blas’ head
21. – St. Clement’s head
22. – St. Simeon’s head.

Most of them are listed in other documents about relics in Constantinople. But what is:

6. – Blood from a picture of Christ ?

Can it have any links with the Shroud?

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