And that is one of the top 25 conspiracy theories of all time?

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The Shroud of Turin: The alleged burial cloth of Christ, known as the Shroud of Turin, has always caused a commotion with some doubting its authenticity and others saying it showed Jesus was alive AFTER the crucifixion. And the 1994 book The Jesus Conspiracy claimed that the Vatican interfered with the carbon dating of the shroud to make it look phony, because Christ surviving the crucifixion would wreck the theology of the church. But the Vatican has denied it.

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  1. This rubbish was brought to the limelight by the Kertsen/Gruber duo, but neither Hindus nor Muslims in India believe them. For a detailed report on how the story emerged see the pdf “The Quest for Jesus in Shroud research” posted on the Holy Shroud Guild website. Lately the noted Australian scholar Father Gerald O’Collins, who has written on christology, has also dismissed what is certainly an attempt to get Jesus out of the way in order to promote other worldviews.

  2. It’s an interesting conspiracy theory, except for the fact that everyone agrees the man on the Shroud is quite dead. The ‘body was stolen’ theory is then the last option for those who would dismiss the resurrection accounts.

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