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Keeping the ENEA/UV/Laser Story Alive at HuffPo

imageWeekly, it seems, maybe more often, the Huffington Post carries a story about some biblical archaeological discovery. The latest, yesterday, was: Dalmanutha, Biblical Town Mentioned In Gospel Of Mark, Possibly Discovered Archaeologists Claim.

With each such article, the online paper includes a gallery of pictures with supporting video reports of other biblical archaeological topics. One of these, for months and months now it seems, has been about the shroud; the caption reads, “Shroud of Turin: A series of experiments conducted by Italian researchers indicate the Shroud of Turin is likely authentic, but the team has not yet reached a definite conclusion.”

It is the ENEA/UV/Laser story from December nearly two years ago best summarized thus:

Last year scientists were able to replicate marks on the cloth using highly advanced ultraviolet techniques that weren’t available 2,000 years ago — or during the medieval times, for that matter.

Kept alive, not exactly viral, but linked to over and over and over, maybe forever and forever.

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