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Right, sort of like that Shroud of Turin. Maybe it wrapped up Jesus and maybe it didn’t, but it sure looked real.

— Brian Lowry in Variety . . .

. . . reacting to the Associated Press’ Frazier Moore discussing how unscripted the TV show was by telling readers, “The ties that bind these characters are true-to-life, and the star quality they exhibit just being themselves couldn’t be faked.”

And since I am reading the entertainment columnists this morning I shouldn’t ignore the New York Post’s Michael Riedel:

There’s always an element of the ticky-tacky on Broadway in the summer, but the sense around Shubert Alley is that this current crop resembles some of those low-rent losers from the ’80s.

Shows like “Starmites,” “Senator Joe,” “Late Nite Comic” and — my favorite — “Into the Light,” a musical about the Shroud of Turin, which the late, great Peter Stone dubbed, “Jesus Christ Tablecloth.”

Then maybe, again, I should ignore it. See Into the Light Best Forgotten

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