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Is the Shroud of Turin being hijacked by the wacko crowd?

imageThis is old news from 2010. I wish it would go away. I wish L.A. Marzulli’s use  of the Shroud of Turin  to promote his video series would stop.  But the Internet has great power to recycle everything.

A couple of days ago, Lyn Leahz was promoting the following video on her “a born again, Spirit filled Christian author” blog. See if you can watch this entire 30 minute video without screaming, laughing or crying. There are a couple of very sane special appearances by Barrie Schwortz and Isabel Piczek beginning somewhere near the 10:48 mark. That’s fine. But, people being people, make unfounded associations. In the couple of minutes before Barrie and Isabel, in this preview of the Watcher Series: Biblical Answers For the Unexplainable–the Shroud of Turin, Torah Code and More, we hear some of the most twisted use of scripture ever invented. It is all muddled up with (don’t fall over laughing) human abductions by aliens in UFOs who,  today,  are only harvesting the souls of diminutive people rather than the giants they were getting back in Genesis 6. (Should it be “who” or “that” with non-human aliens — like with “robots who” or “machines who+ – remember we are talking about angels? Moving on . . .):

Some expert in the video:  You see, this is the only way they have to multiply their forces. Angels don’t reproduce. The Hybrids do

L.A. Marzulli:  Not only do these angels pollute the human genome, they conduct experiments on the animal kingdom and plants bringing chaos to God’s creation.

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