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Speaking of Crowd Funding Shroud of Turin Projects: Should We Laugh or Cry?

clip_image001What has become of the Shroud of Turin?

Shawn French, in an offbeat blog, writes in a posting, Christ Has Returned. A Lot:

I was a young stand-up comedian, carving out a decent living in the middle rungs of the New England comedy scene. I’m walking out of the theater after having just watched the first Jurassic Park movie. I plop down in my car and, almost immediately, a news story comes on the radio about a group who claimed to have found the Shroud of Turin.

Hmm… if they can extract Christ’s DNA off that…

And I immediately fall into an uncontrollable laughing fit, envisioning a Jesus cloning story that’s equal parts Jurassic Park and The Hills Have Eyes. A remote island testing facility where the mutant Jesus clones get loose one stormy night and wreak havoc. I could not stop laughing.

That night onstage, I did a joke about it that stayed in my act for months and was in a clip of mine that ran on Comedy Central back in the Long Ago Time.

I also wrote the story up as a short film script. It was then that I realized it was more than just a funny concept. There’s a great story to be told here. Escape From Jesus Island was born.

And it gets better (or is it worse):

Since then, I’ve been transforming this story into an epic tale that spans years and matches up with the prophecies of Revelation. Christ and Antichrist as twin brothers, each with the same abilities. A genetic research company, ReGen Corp, run by the ruthless Anna Thorne. Scores of caged mutant test subjects. A Vatican Black Ops raid, with plans to steal Jesus for themselves. And that’s just Act One.

And it is now to be a comic book series, not a movie. And Shawn has launched a Crowd Funding Campaign.

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