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Remember When Nobody Had Heard of the Shroud of Turin?

Now it is a popular allusion in just about any subject  Here is what Google delivers up just this morning for MSM news items containing the term, “Shroud of Turin.”

Yankees’ Alex Rodriguez fantasy camp continues in San Diego Scott Miller-6 hours ago or anyone, for that matter – can take Rodriguez seriously anymore when talking with him is a far greater mystery than the Shroud of Turin.

Topping admits pushing through Scottish football’s revolution left    Daily Mail-9 hours ago. Hearts are on the brink, while the threat of administration hovers over others like the Turin Shroud. Only one club show any signs of prospering

Smithsonian director would ‘love’ to display Travyon Martin’s hoodie msnNOW-Aug 1, 2013. Skolnick wasn’t talking about the Shroud of Turin; he meant the most famous hoodie in the history of cotton-polyester blends. Trayvon Martin’s


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