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Max? Anyone? Thread count for the Shroud of Turin

imageThis request from Barrie Schwortz came to my attention and I thought I would pass it along in case anyone knew the answer:

A website viewer has written me [=Barrie] looking for any credible references for the thread count of the Shroud. . . .  Can anyone provide any suggestions or links?

According to an unpublished paper by Max Patrick Hamon in a blog posting entitled "Coins on Eyes Issue Again ":

The Shroud thread count is 38 lengthwise (warp) threads of 0.14mm in average diameter and 26 widthwise (weft) threads of 0.25mm in average diameter woven into a measured one-centimeter square of the shroud fabric6

Max offers a citation number (6) but he doesn’t have any notes or a bibliography as part of the material posted. Anyone have more information? Max?

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