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Timothy Cardinal Dolan: Se non e vero e ben trovato

imageRobert Curtis, just a bit late, sits down to write a review of ‘Life Lessons from Life with My Brother, Timothy Cardinal Dolan’ in the Catholic Sun. “I understand that the book arrived in 2011” he said, “and that some of you may have already read it, but I just got hold of it so now I’m doing the review!”

This paragraph of the review caught my attention – Google’s attention:

Dolan’s approach to miracles, artifacts, and special things like the Shroud of Turin is interesting. Of them, he says, “Se non e vero e ben trovato,” an old Italian saying that roughly translates to “If it’s not true, it ought to be.” Delightfully profound, Dolan claims that there are always going to be things we can’t explain that the Faith will produce but that our belief in them always carries a power that can convert others; a good approach, especially in today’s miasma of relativism.

That’s just too easy.

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