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Update on a 2014 Conference in St. Louis

I’m hearing from Joe Marino this morning that plans for a Shroud of Turin Conference in St. Louis next year, 2014, are moving forward. The mostly likely dates are Sept 18, Sept 25 or one of the Thursday through Sunday weekends in October.

In February, I posted that . . .

It now seems fairly certain that there will be a Shroud of Turin conference in St Louis, Missouri, the fall of 2014. The likely venue will be the Drury Inn in Chesterfield, just west of the city. 

I fully expect that this conference will be open to the public with an admission fee, as has been the case for recent past conferences. I also imagine there will be a call for scientific and historical papers at some later date.

Give the matter some thought. Make suggestions and ask questions here.

I was in St. Louis recently and drove by the proposed venue. It is a nice facility for such a conference.

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