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New Paper: Jewish Shrouds and Funerary Customs

imageMUST READ:  This is just the sort of paper I print out and keep in a notebook of papers I know I will refer to again and again.

This valuable paper has been added to the Proceedings of the Valencia Congress on the Shroud that took place in April of last year.

Author: Ada Grossi

Title & Link:  Jewish Shrouds and Funerary Customs: a Comparison with the Shroud of Turin


This paper studies some aspects of the Shroud of Turin in relation to Jewish funerary customs: the analysis is based on scientific literature on the subject, on ancient sources and on archaeological finds. After discussing a few specific characteristics of the Turin Shroud fabric, we delve into talmudic and traditional references to Jewish burial shrouds and into some linguistic observations (also presenting a Hebrew textile terms glossary).The Shroud of Turin appears to be a traditional Jewish burial shroud; the only really peculiar feature is the exceptional value of the cloth (which is however consistent with the range of possibilities allowed by Jewish laws)

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