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Paper Chase: Radiocarbon Dating: Revolutions in Understanding

imageSHOULD READ:  Others, in the past few days (not on this blog) have wondered why this 2008 paper by Christopher (C. Bronk) Ramsey has not been noticed before. It is worth your time.

Spoiler alert: No mention of the shroud that I can find.

Alternate Title Suggestion: “Blame It On The Other Guy” based on the following quote:

When radiocarbon date outliers (i.e., dates that do not make sense archaeologically) are encountered, these are sometimes due to some measurement problem, but much more often they are due to misinterpretation of the sample context.

Suggestion: Take the extra step to download the article if you have a Facebook sign on because the online reader is quirky. Besides, you’ll want a copy. It really is a well written and very informative article.

The hat tip goes to Paolo Di Lazzaro

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