Stephen Jones Update: Man of the Shroud is Jewish, Muscular and 30-45 years old.

imageIn update 3.2 he concludes: 

That the man on the Shroud is Jewish, with a muscular physique, and aged between thirty and forty-five, is consistent with what the Bible says or implies about Jesus.

How do we know he was Jewish? Well, according to Jones:

The man on the Shroud was a Jew, according to the late Harvard physical anthropologist Carleton S. Coon. The man on the Shroud has shoulder length hair which is parted in the middle, but of the numerous Greek and Roman portraits we have, there is not one of a man with middle-parted hair falling to the shoulders. Similarly a full beard like that on the Shroud is rarely found in a Greek or Roman portrait, but Jews regarded a full beard as a mark of manhood. Also the manner of burial was first-century Jewish, with the deceased lying on his back, his hands crossed in front covering his pelvic region and his body covered with a single linen sheet.

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