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I took the leisurely step to attend the meeting at Gilroy. Mark Okuda did a nice clear presentation. It was a college level science workshop. He personally did not appear to have any take about the authenticity of the Shroud. Which is refreshing. In essence, the presentation was not really about the Shroud, but how a scientific investigation can be done about the Shroud. He focused around some of the science involved in authenticating the Shroud as a shroud. Since it was a science workshop, you had some scientific instruments, like microscopes around the room for people to use, blood testing kits, radio C14 calculations to be done, etc. For the microscopes, he showed how to distinguish between linen and cotton fibrils. The difference was quite clear. One striking aspect is that a linen fibril has lots of microscopic fractures across its width. It would be easy for anybody to confuse these fractures with colored fibrils. Overall, Mark Okuda is a really good teacher. As a side note, it was free (i.e., paid by the Santa Clara county library administration) and the presentation might be repeated again in the Santa Clara county (essentially, the Silicon Valley).

In reference to Shroud of Turin Talk in Gilroy, California

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