Off Topic: But did anyone mention the Maillard reaction?

clip_image001Now here is a church I could like:

Berlenbach coordinates a monthly beer appreciation club at St. Timothy’s Episcopal Church, in which they brew good beer (I’ve seen firsthand the hops growing up the side of the church exterior) and hold tastings and food pairings. His parish made T-shirts available at the event stating "Church Basement Brewery" on the front, and "Serving God’s love, twelve ounces at a time" on the back.

and a synagogue:

When one attendee [at Fergie’s Pub in Philadelphia on Saturday afternoon – see A Rabbi, a Priest and a Minister Walked Into a Bar… ] doubted whether Abraham would enjoy a beer, Freedman [the rabbi] aptly shifted gears. "I’m not sure if I can speak for Abraham, but Abraham Joshua Heschel, one of the great rabbis in recent history, spoke of a theology of amazement: a rediscovery of the wonder of our world and the fact that we are even alive to experience creation at all. And if you think about it — fermentation is an amazing thing! That you could leave some hops and barley and yeast in water … and over time … something called fermentation happens, and you have an amazing beverage! Heschel called us to marvel at the creation God has given us, and I think we have to include brewing and beer in this amazement."

But did anyone mention the Maillard reaction?

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  1. I wonder if Ray Rogers ever considered whether some kind of yeast residue might have been a significant agent in a Maillard reaction forming the Shroud image; i.e. bacterial rather than chemical? Wouldn’t tombs be the kind of environment favourable to yeasts? Just floating an idea, LOL if you will! And, no, the weather in Wellington is not conducive to sipping an ale at the moment, we’re expecting snow down to sea level this week!

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