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Argumentum ad populum of the day

Do you hold any really odd beliefs—in ghosts, UFOs, tooth fairies, the sanctity of the Turin Shroud? While science often acts as a bullshit filter, the internet rarely does.

Science journalist Robyn Williams unloads this “hey, everybody knows better” fallacy, an appeal to ridicule by ludicrous association, on Australian Radio National’s Ockham’s Razor show while introducing Tory Shepherd, senior writer for The Advertiser newspaper in Adelaide who explains, on the broadcast, why science and the internet are now in mortal combat. (an idea I don’t agree with).

As a science journalist and host of  Radio National’s The Science Show and Ockham’s Razor, he should know better.  As a  Fellow Member of the Australian Academy of Science, he should know better. Moreover, why did he forget the Loch Ness Monster and Bigfoot?

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